Testers' Island Discs EP54 - Community All-Request Spectacular
Neil Studd

  • 00:34:16


Neil draws 2021 to a close by welcoming calls (and emails, and Rackets) from across the testing community. Our magnificent seven guests share a festive retrospective on their accomplishments of this year, and set themselves some targets for 2022. And Neil answers the same questions for the sake of balance.

Among the bumper crop of songs featured in this round-up, there are tracks with Danish, Spanish and German lyrics; four songs which were actually released this year; two returning guests pick songs by artists that they’ve chosen before; and we get a light dusting of metalcore for good measure. Plus, a lot of the songs seem to be swearier than usual!

We hope that you enjoy this little slice of something different, and look forward to welcoming you back to our regular service at the end of January.

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