Testers' Island Discs EP60 - TestBash UK 2022 Special

Neil Studd
Neil Studd

We’re doing it live! For our five-year anniversary, Neil throws caution (and editing) to the wind as he roams The Lowry in Manchester during TestBash UK 2022, contending with challenges including a tea service, a hotel restaurant, tannoy systems, outside broadcasts and interviewing multiple guests at once.

Betwixt the background buzz, we talk to speakers and attendees about the return of face-to-face events, the novelty of a multi-track TestBash, and the common themes that we observed during the two-day conference, including quality engineering, culture, coaching and cognition.

There are music selections as usual, with a mixture of new and old, and a first appearance for possibly the quintessential 90s one-hit wonder (even though Neil is aware that they actually had multiple follow-up singles).

With thanks to all of our guests who volunteered their time for this episode: Yanir Taflev, Alex Reynolds, Simon Prior, Vernon Richards, Stuart Day, Diana Dromey, Julia Förster and Steve Moss.

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Neil Studd

Software Engineering Coach @ Makers

Neil Studd is a UK-based tester with over 15 years' experience of leading quality initiatives within agile startups and large enterprise organisations. He is the creator of the Testers' Island Discs podcast which is available on the MoT website, and co-hosts the Tech Team Weekly and Screen Testing podcasts.