The Power of Mocking APIs - Shivani Gaba

The Power of Mocking APIs - Shivani Gaba


Blocked because the API you depend on doesn’t exist yet or isn't completely ready? Facing trouble to test certain scenarios due to a lack of control over third-party APIs?

Struggling to test failure cases like invalid responses or 5XX errors? Frustrated by flaky tests due to slow API responses? 


These are some common problems we regularly encounter. We cannot rely on slow APIs that provide a very narrow range of responses. So how can we test effectively in such situations? Is there any feasible solution available? Fortunately, there is: API mocking. 


If you are less familiar with mocks and want to gain more insight, join this talk.

In this session, I will explain how to mock APIs using Wiremock. Using a real-life example application, we’ll explore how to handle complex scenarios and form an effective testing strategy. Join this session to gain insights on how, when, and—most importantly—why we should mock APIs. Together we will discover how development and testing can benefit from mocks.  Remember, “If API testing is the king, mocking APIs is the queen!”


Please note: at the end of this talk, you will have full access to the example application used during the talk for trying out mocking for themselves :)