The Testbasher's Survival Guide To The Galaxy - Martin Hynie

The Testbasher's Survival Guide To The Galaxy - Martin Hynie


Welcome to TestBash... Don't Panic. Seriously... that comes way later. 

I will be your guide in this special place. Testers have come here from across the globe (or flat plane... depending on your physics preferences) to exchange ideas, trade in techniques and generally immerse themselves in the world of software testing today. But what are these terms we hear?

"Test Charters"?



"What do you mean by that's checking, not testing"?

Seriously, where's my babel fish? How am I supposed to understand all these amazing ideas if we are using terms that nobody has ever used back home?

That's where the Guide comes in. This immersive, interactive and friendly book will help you navigate every new challenge you might encounter while exploring the world of TestBash. From the great debates of automation, to the dangers of testcases... from the fall of waterfall to the rise of agilefall...  the Guide will help establish a safe baseline of where we are, how we got here, and why it might matter. Also, the Guide come with a nice head called Martin who talks to you so you don't have to read it.

Now, sit back and enjoy the conference.