Understanding Mobile Device Fragmentation with Piotr Wicherski

Understanding Mobile Device Fragmentation with Piotr Wicherski

10 years into the Android and iOS fight over the smartphone world and fragmentation of the platform and devices is still one of the many challenges for mobile dev teams.

According to the GSMA Intelligence counter on October 7, 2014, there were 7.22 billion devices connected to mobile networks. That is basically one device per person on the planet if you take the population figure from the United State Census Bureau from the same date. That is a lot of phones, but the story continues. According to the OpenSignal report from 2016, they discovered more than 24,000 distinct Android devices.

The fact that there are so many combinations of mobile devices and operating systems is known as fragmentation. This masterclass aims to give you an in-depth perspective on this area, help you to understand it and of course, find possible reasonable approaches to work with it.

We will discuss 15 causes of fragmentation in mobile devices world including Android OS update process, manufacturers user interfaces, custom ROMs, regional modifications, various modules, architecture, modifications driven by court orders and many more.

Key Takeaways:

  • 15 causes of fragmentation.
  • How to analyze the market.
  • And choose right devices to test on.

What You'll Learn

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