What does being a software tester mean to you?


Reading Elizabeth's blog post (linked below in the newsletter), made me think about how we communicate as testers.  Maybe we could communicate more effectively. This article from Nipa Shah has some great advice on how to improve how you communicate. 

- Áine, MarketingBoss

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🎧  Beth Marshall joins Neil for the latest Tester's Island Disc episode.   They talk about how to advance your testing career, from building automation portfolios to building your reputation. Excellent music also included. 

Are you considering changing jobs?  There are some things to consider before you hand in your notice. Learn to quit like a professional.

The TestBash Home talks are now live!  You can watch and rewatch all of the talks. 🎉

Dan Billing gave a unique testing talk on how gaming could assist in developing core testing skills, such as exploring and modelling.  

👉  We're planning more 99 Minute Workshops and we want you to get involved.  Whether you're a seasoned workshop host or it's your first time, we will support you through the process.  Submit your idea

📺  Rosie Sherry, Tristan Lombard and Lee Marshall talked about growing a community. From the challenges community builders face to the frameworks you can use to help build a community. Watch the Discussion recording!

See our latest news and Dojo additions, catch up on anything you might have missed in the last few weeks. 

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End To End Testing in the Cloud White Paper

How can organizations apply the right automation strategies for their needs while staying on top of the challenges of testing cloud applications? Download Provar’s end to end testing white paper to find out.


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We've picked out a few posts from our Clubblog and podcast feeds that we think would be useful to you. 

🙌  What is your win for June?  Maybe you've personal or professional wins? 

What does being a software tester mean to you? Maybe you can relate to Patrick and his focus on quality rather than testing.  🔎 

How much information is enough information? Do you know how to ask the right questions to get all the information you need to test? Elizabeth has ideas to help you get the information you need. 

Have you ever been asked to produce a Go/No Go grid? How would you manage this? Can you share some insight.

🤔  Communities of Practice, what are they and what does the name mean? Testing Peers podcast discusses it all. 



Posts selected from our business feed.  Highlighting interesting posts from our annual partners for 2021! 

Protractor, the Angular end-to-end testing tool, is officially being sunset.  It's time to investigate alternative options. 🕵️‍♀️ 

🚀  TestProject is back with another major release: TestProject X (v3.0).  This exciting version breaks some of the biggest barriers in test automation today.  As it provides two of the most anticipated feature requests that came from you – the amazing community.

Have you investigated low-code? It seems to be becoming a more powerful and useful tool.  Is it time to understand it more? 


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