Applying Learning Styles to Testing

Applying Learning Styles to Testing

In this mini series Beren draws a congruence between Kolb's learning styles and our testing processes.

Learning, Testing, Playing, Exploring , Experimenting. They are all almost synonyms of each other, yet quite different. I adapted these words to fit the learning patterns Kolb introduced to us and gave shape to a model that's better described as Kolb's Testing Styles.

Each of the learning styles have an inherent preference for a certain test process: Session based, Requirements based, Mob Testing, Problem/Risk oriented,...

We shouldn't formalize our processes in a one-dimensional way but should embrace and encourage diversity & draw upon the strengths of each and every one of our testers and other team members.

By learning about learning styles and what they mean to us you will be able to learn important and diversified information quicker and become mindful of the subconscious preferences and approaches to testing that you and people around you take.