Receiving Feedback With Resilience - Crystal Onyeari Mbanefo

Receiving Feedback With Resilience - Crystal Onyeari Mbanefo


Feedback is everywhere and is sometimes freely given by colleagues, friends or family.

We, therefore, need to know how to evaluate the feedback we get and how to receive it effectively. Our ability to evaluate and receive feedback requires strong resilience and retrospective skills.

In this webinar, we will focus on:

  • Brainstorming how we receive feedback and its effects on us
  • Factors that can influence feedback
  • Ways to use resilience when receiving feedback
  • Ways to grow our personal development after receiving feedback.

About Crystal:

Crystal is passionate about coaching and mentoring people to achieve personal growth both in their workplaces and in their lives. Using her experience and training as a Software developer and also a Life Coach, she currently coaches students transitioning into the Tech industry to become wholesome developers by helping them develop their self-awareness, awareness of others and emotional intelligence.

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