What Does Couples Therapy Have in Common With Your Team

What Does Couples Therapy Have in Common With Your Team


What does couples therapy have in common with your team? Well, it turns out that more than you think 🙂

From John Gottman's many years of research on divorce prediction and marital stability; the way we talk to each other reveals a lot. This sounds obvious and would be nothing but a truism, if not for his approach of recognizing four types of negativity where Gottman is able to say how far the couple actually is from a divorce. And, it turns out, that this is equally relevant to professional relationships.

We go deep into the four negative communication patterns identified by Gottman also known as "The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse". What they are, when they appear and how to tackle them.

Join Daria Dorda in this IT Matters Webinar and let's talk about something that seems to be so easy but it's often most difficult.

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In her professional career, Daria passionately shares her knowledge. As a leader, a psychologist, a trainer and coach, she has built and implemented several leadership and talent programs from scratch.

Daria teaches people and organizations about Leadership, Management 3.0, Agile, team effectiveness, wellbeing and psychology at a workplace are the areas of her expertise and passion.

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