Inspiration ...and Burnout - Maryam Umar

Inspiration ...and Burnout - Maryam Umar


I come from a household of high achievers. Our parents never asked to be awesome in what we studied. They always had this unsaid expectation. Luckily, I did really well throughout school, college and university. I like to think I got my dad’s sense of achieving and my mum’s great way of organising her tasks. From my teens onwards, I started developing a high sense of perfection for every-thing I took on. However, I did not realise that how having this high bar was slowly consuming me.

I like to think that choosing a profession in quality assurance was a result of wanting to use perfect products. So what better way than to participate in ensuring quality for them. However, I found that trying to achieve this awesomeness slowly engulfed me. The need to be constantly producing high quality deliverables added stress to my life and slowly started to cause burnout. I will talk about how I created a mini Personal Development Life Cycle and how I used my learnings from being in agile teams to being Agile about this PDLC.


  • creating a better balance in an agile team
  • watching out for signs indicating burnout
  • great products are important but so are you