Consumer Driven Contract Testing - Raquel Bautista-Garrido
Aine McGovern

Consumer Driven Contract Testing - Raquel Bautista-Garrido


I came across contract testing technique a few years ago at a test conference. Since then, every time I mention it I get a lot of comments like ‘What is that about?` `I have never heard of this before`.

While integration testing in isolation is becoming more requested and common, it raises a big concern between engineers, how do we know we are testing against the right assumptions? This is where contract testing can help us give us the confidence that we are testing the right thing and prove early our services can communicate.

I will explain my experience in applying this technique, why we chose Pact as the framework to do consumer-driven contract testing, and hopefully give you a better understanding to then know if this is something that you can introduce in your strategy and how.



  • What is contract testing?
  • Why do you want to include it in your test strategy
  • Pact: a tool for consumer-driven contract testing
  • Not a solution for everyone, when and when not to use Pact