Good Exploratory Testing Tactics for Taking Over Testing - Maaret Pyhäjärvi


In testing we have strategy - the ideas guiding our testing; logistics - getting things in place where testing can happen and tactics - the ways we test. These three are inseparable, yet our awareness of their existence varies. With repetition, patterns emerge in how we approach problems. In this talk, we focus on patterns coming out of repetitions I experience. Time and time again, I find myself joining a new team, to test a new application. I come with a solid foundation of contemporary exploratory testing and 25 years of collected experiences. What are the tactics of exploratory testing I find myself selecting from, starting with and how applying these tactics makes up the work? I expect to be contributing to a product from day 1 with increased scope until the day it is my time to move again. Taking over testing - how exactly do I do that? And is the way I do it essentially different from the way you do it, when I start from a home ground of contemporary exploratory testing - emphasizing results, learning, agency and assuming programming is built into the testing we do in the modern world.