Have you ever considered that software testing is like a pro wrestling match? Through my pro wrestling fandom, I’ve changed the way I think about delivering high-quality software. Wrestlers look to find the perceived vulnerability in their opponent, and exploit it just like a tester would! During this session, you will learn about applying similar techniques to your test strategies, and how to apply them within your team. And just like wrestling, there are multiple match types to consider, ways to take down your opponent, and a variety of skills to leverage to your advantage. We’ll discuss…

  • Don’t hurt your opponent- viewing the developer as a partner in executing quality
  • The lock up- sizing up the task
  • The chair shot- picking the right tool for the job
  • The reversal- How to pivot when testing turns you on your head
  • The tag match- partnering with automation
  • And many more concepts to help make you a 5 tester!