The Tech Response to Lockdown with MoT Manchester

The Tech Response to Lockdown with MoT Manchester

Ministry of Testing Manchester hosted its first online meetup with the rather appropiate topic of lockdown and how people were adapting. Amy Newton was the host and she was joined by Darryl Kennedy, Jon Ball and Gabbi Trotter for a truly engaging conversation.

Darryl Kennedy, Director at Spike95, shared insights from his vast experience of working from home, sharing techniques, tips and tricks for staying productive but also stricking that all importance work-life balance.

Jon Ball, Senior Quality Engineer Manager at Slack shared insights into how Slack have adapted to lockdown. Discussing how they were quick to embrace working from home and even offering staff several stipends to support them in setting up a workplace at home.

Finally, the awesome Gabbi Trotter from Searchability shared how recruitement in the North West, UK has been impacted from the pandemic. She touches on furloughing, being made redundant, plus how some companies are thriving and hiring. 

What You'll Learn

  • Understand how the community is responding to lockdown