Transcendental Learning from the Space Time Continuum with Dan Billing

Transcendental Learning from the Space Time Continuum with Dan Billing

Craig Wylie challenged Dan to talk with passion about two things he loves. Doctor Who, and testing. And how his fandom and experiences of this old, rickety but much loved TV show (revamped and reloved on the BBC since 2005) has shaped his learning, growth and perspectives as a tester.

Whether exploring alien worlds, journeys through history, and the far flung future of the human race, there is much to learn from each of the venerable time traveller’s incarnations.

So, join Dan on a journey through time, space, technology and learning. Through good times and bad, through loss, challenges, problem solving and defeating evil wherever he can find it, or it finds him.

Key takeaways:

  • Recognise that exploration is a powerful tool for learning and development, allowing deeper understanding of environments and the systems within them.
  • Understand that observation coupled with critical thinking will always serve you well when approaching new problems.
  • Exploring the benefits of working with a close knit group, but at the same time maintaining your individuality.
  • Understanding that whilst change is both inevitable and challenging, and sometimes unpleasant, that great benefits can often come from change.
  • A deeper appreciation that communication is key to solving problems, especially if you are at odds with the people you are communicating with.

What You'll Learn

  • Gain a new perspective on software testing through critical thinking and exploration.