Weekly Newsletter: AI in GUI-Based Software Testing


AI in GUI-Based Software Testing by Daniel Kraus 
Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are still some of the most hyped topics at the moment. Especially in the realm of software testing, various new tool manufacturers have emerged over the past few years that incorporate some sort of AI in their products.

Community Service at Ministry of Testing by Rosie Sherry
A couple of weeks ago we had our first ever Ministry of Testing Retreat.  The whole team got together to go over all things MoT.  Life is ever so busy. As we grow it often feels like a bit of a hamster wheel as we try to make all the things happen without it all falling apart beneath us.

Just a few super early bird tickets left for TestBash Netherlands
We're delighted to see the interested in TestBash Netherlands, entirely understandable to be honest!  We've some fascinating talks that will undoubtedly give you fresh perspective on your work.  You have until the 15th February to get your Super Early Bird ticket.  

Testability Ask Me Anything with Ash Winter
What are the principles of testability and what do they mean to my daily work?  How can I convince my team that investing in testability is worth it?  These are just a few examples of the questions you can ask Ash on Tuesday 12th February at 8pm on our live webinar. 

What’s a testing belief you once held but have now let go? by Rosie
The software testing world has undoubtedly changed in the past 5, 10 and 20 years.  For those that have been around long enough, what’s a testing belief you once held but have now let go of?

Is My Bug for Developers or Product? by Jeff Nyman
We all know the situation, right? We find an “issue” but in many cases it comes down to determining whether our issue is something for the developers to fix or if it’s something for product to clarify. 

How diversity and inclusion can improve testing by Callum Akehurst-Ryan
As the testing pendulum has swung towards more engineering in recent years we’re facing a new issue, the prevalence of an engineering mono-culture. 



How We Built a Quality-Driven Development from Scratch by Daniel Gold
“When I talk to my colleagues and tell them that we have a team of developers that are performing manual testing guided by a test-plan nobody believes me… ”  Let me just start by saying that I’m very proud of our team and how far we have come.

Where should you invest your limited testing efforts? by Joel Montvelisky 
There is always the big question of where should you as a tester (or your team as the testing team) be investing your time.



239: Clean Selenium Code Using Linting with Kwo Ding by Joe Colantonio
Today we’ll be test talking with Kwo Ding all about his new Sonar WebDriver Plugin which is a static code analysis tool that helps you to follow best practices for writing WebDriver tests. If you're interested in writing clean Selenium code, you don’t want to miss this episode.

Episode 421 - Things You Can Do To Avoid Mobile Software Bugs by Security in Five
On the heels of Apple's fix for a Facetime bug this isn't the first or the last major bug we will see. This episode goes over some tips and practices you can do with your mobile device software to avoid bugs like these.

Ep 24 Manny Landron: Being a pragmatic CISO  by Humans of InfoSec
In this episode, Manny emphasizes the importance of learning and talks about the balance between generating revenue, maintain productivity, and addressing risk.

114: Darknet Diaries, death, and beauty apps by Smashing Security
Jack Rhysider from the "Darknet Diaries" podcast joins us to chat about his interview with the elusive Hacker Giraffe, how a death is preventing cryptocurrency investors from reaching their money, and how 'beauty camera' apps are redirecting users to phishing websites and stealing their selfies.





Easy Free Automation Part III: Services Tests by Kristin Jackvony
This week we are looking at my favorite type of automated tests: services tests.  The reason I love services tests is because they test so much of the application without the hassle of the UI.  

The Future of Maintainability is CI by Matt Heusser
Can you believe it has been fourteen years since I started Excelon Development, by filing a “Doing Business As” at my local courthouse? For more than half that time, nearly eight years, Excelon has run as a full-time concern.

Integration Testing with Spring - Data I by Gil Zilberfeld
We’ve discussed what Spring can do for us in terms of integration tests so far, but nothing says more integration than database integration.



Deliveroo customers keep getting hacked using the same old trick by Matt Burgess
Deliveroo's got a delivery problem. For more than a month, customers have been complaining that their accounts have been broken into, with orders for huge quantities of food sent to seemingly random addresses.

Google bans slew of malicious Android apps that stole user photos and advertised scams by Matt Binder
Google has removed dozens of popular fake photo apps meant to hurt its users.  Security firm Trend Micro discovered 29 malicious apps that were listed on the official Google Play store, all advertised as “beauty camera” applications. The apps have since been removed by Google.

Kids’ GPS watches are still a security ‘train wreck’ by Lisa Vaas
A year after Norwegian researchers found that child-tracking, GPS-connected smartwatches had major security flaws – flaws that would have let strangers eavesdrop on a child, talk to them behind their parent’s back, use the watch’s camera to take their picture, stalk them, or lie about their whereabouts – not much has changed.

Crypto exchange in limbo after founder dies with password by Danny Bradbury
Customers of Canadian cryptocurrency exchange QuadrigaCX are missing over CA$250 million (about US$190 million) in real and virtual currency after its founder died without telling anyone the password for his storage wallet.



Checkbot for Chrome
Checkbot can crawl 100s of pages in minutes for broken links, duplicate content, invalid HTML, insecure forms and more.  Check your site is following 50+ best practices recommended by Google, Mozilla, W3C and other web experts.

Can't Unsee
A game where your attention to details earns you a lot of coins.



This website is not accessible by Kinga Witko
Accessibility of mobile and web applications means to enable all internet users, especially impaired people, to feel, understand, navigate and capable the full usage of the applications. The ability of accessibility testing is extremely important for all web content creators and enables to raise the bar height and enlarge the range of users.

How My Brain-Damaged Mother Changed How I Look at Interface Design by John Brownlee
Her technical expertise launched a billion phone calls, yet now she is routinely thwarted by what many hail as one of the most accessible UIs on the planet.

Make WordPress Accessible 
The Accessibility Team provides accessibility expertise across the project to improve the accessibility of WordPress core and resources.



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