Weekly Newsletter: Combating Bias with Heuristics of Diversity


Unleash Your Inner Rockstar Tester 
Automation Expert and Heavy Metal fan Paul Grizzaffi takes us on a tour of leading concepts in testing and automation – all through the most iconic song titles and lyrics.  Sign up for the webinar on Thursday, March 14 @ 10 am PT (1 pm ET / 5 pm GMT). 

#MoTInTheWild Share your Swag!
The next time you wear your MoT T-Shirt, use your MoT mug, or even if you've covered yourself (or laptop) in stickers, we want to see!  So use the hashtag #MoTInTheWild, we want to see all the different swag from our TestBashes, events and shop - share your Swag pictures! 

Combating Bias with Heuristics of Diversity with Ash Coleman
 How do we build stronger communities in a time where borders are only meant to retain legalities, and our lives are increasingly benefitted by the mix and match of the diversity around us?  Discover this and so much more at TestBash Brighton. 

DojoBoss Vlog: New content & exciting ideas (hopefully)
DojoBoss Mark is back with an update on our recent content additions, plus some exciting news for future educational content! 

TestBash Germany tickets are now on sale!
We’ve been growing from strength to strength in Germany over the past number of years and listening to feedback from the community at every turn. So this year, we’re adding a workshop day on September 12th which gives you 6 half-day workshops to choose from on an exciting range of topics.

Review papers - shape our conferences
TestBash is a community-driven conference, so it's only right that the community gets to contribute to each programme.  You get insight into the topics people are submitting, which could inspire you to submit yourself or potentially write something.  Last week to review San Francisco and we're about to release the New Zealand papers for review. 

30 Days of Testability Day 8: Share a video about testability by Heather
Day 8 task is: Share a video about testability with your testing peers at your company.  What video did you share?

Big Log - #30DaysOfTesting Testability Challenge by Michael Larsen 
 I'm getting caught up with the 30 Days of Testability Challenge and here's the second checkpoint.

Cross-browser testing, without the browser by Breaking Stuff Daily
Consider the following statements that you might come across as a tester on a web app project.  Must be compatible with latest browser versions.  Must be compatible with mobile.  Pretty vague right?

How Diversity and Inclusion can improve testing by Callum Akehurst-Ryan
As the testing pendulum has swung towards more engineering in recent years we’re facing a new issue, the prevalence of an engineering mono-culture.



Do Code Review Meetings Still Make Sense in 2019? by Patrick Londa
Recently, it seems that anti-meeting sentiment is growing. Sometimes it shows up as a meme; sometimes it shows up in frustrated post-meeting mumbling; and sometimes it shows up as a snarky mug design. Either way, people are hyperconscious of their time these days and acutely aware of how meetings can invade their calendars.

5 Essentials for App Beta Testing by John Little
Apps are both readily accessible and everywhere. Go into a grocery store, a mall, a transit station, and you’ll see apps for everything from shopping to parking to public transportation. Like me, you’ve probably installed dozens, if not hundreds of apps on your phone or tablet over the last few years. This is what makes app Beta Testing so important.



Episode 440 - Tools, Tips and Tricks - HiJackThis by Security in Five
This week's tools, tips and tricks, talks about one of my goto Windows utilities I have used for over 10 years, HiJackThis. This epsiode goes through on why this is a must have utility in your Windows PC toolbox.

243: Creating Klassi Frameworks with Larry Goddard by Joe Colantonio
Today we’ll be Test Talking with Larry Goddard about how to create a “Klassi” automation framework. Larry will discuss some JavaScript-related test tools that have helped him create tests for UI, APIs and visual validations, as well as generate reports and run tests in CI. 

Episode 442 - Facebook Is Releasing A Clear History Feature by Security in Five
Facebook announced that sometime this year they will roll out a 'Clear History' feature for users. This episode talks about what the feature will allows users to do and what impacts it will have to your Facebook experience.

Ep 25 Coleen Coolidge: An Advocate For Customer Security by  Humans of InfoSec
Coleen believes that every customer deserves to have a security org who’s advocating for the protection of their data. In this episode, she emphasizes the importance of building relationships and treating data with respect.

118: The 's' in IoT stands for security by Smashing Security
Twerking robot assistants, an app from Saudi Arabia that lets men track women, and a gnarly skiing security snarl-up!

#14: Into the Weeds by Parallel
Darcy Burnard, a friend and longtime podcast collaborator, talks with me about making podcasts accessibly. Which tools work, which ones don't, and which can be made to do our bidding?





Top Free Automation Tools for Testing Desktop Applications by Joe Colantonio
As a testing community we have been spoiled with a bunch of open source automation testing tools for browser and API automation testing, but what about tools for desktop application automation?

How to get your test reports from a pod – Kubernetes by Rafaela Azevedo
Hello guys, today I am going to post a workaround that I am doing to get test reports from a kubernetes pod that has terminated.

Easy Free Automation Part VIII: Accessibility Tests by Kristin Jackvony 
Accessibility in the context of a software application means that as many people as possible can use the application easily.  When making an application accessible, we should consider users with limited vision or hearing, limited cognitive ability, and limited dexterity. 



Fighting uphill by Eric Bailey
As someone with a good deal of interest in the digital accessibility space, I follow WebAIM’s work closely. Their survey results are priceless insights into how disabled people actually use the web, so when the organization speaks with authority on a subject, I listen.

Moving forward with digital accessibility in Higher Education by Dr David Sloan
Digital accessibility has become a significant concern across higher education, in part due to legal obligations, and also due to the opportunities that inclusive digital teaching and learning resources can offer students and staff with disabilities.

AI is making CAPTCHA increasingly cruel for disabled users by Robin Christopherson
A CAPTCHA, is a test used in computing to determine whether or not the user is human. You've all seen those distorted codes or image-selection challenges that you need to pass to sign up for a site or buy that bargain. Well, improvements in AI means that a crisis is coming … and disabled people are suffering the most.

European Parliaments A11Y & HTML Conformance Leaderboard
This leaderboard reflects the current status of the parliament websites of all 28 European Member States, based on the number of access barriers found on their sites using the latest versions of the axe-core accessibility engine and the W3C Validator on these pages. 



YouTube disables comments on millions of videos of children by Lisa Vaas
On Thursday, YouTube announced on its creator blog that it’s disabling comments on millions of videos featuring minors, in response to reports that creeps are leaving disgustingly sexual comments on videos featuring kids doing things like yoga or gymnastics, or playing games such as Twister.

TikTok to pay record fine for collecting children’s data by Lisa Vaas
Video streaming app TikTok has agreed to pay a $5.7 million fine for allegedly collecting names, email addresses, pictures and locations of children younger than 13 – all illegal under the US’s Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

How one teenager is making millions by hacking legally by Joe Tidy
This is 19-year-old Santiago Lopez from Argentina.  He's the first millionaire bug-bounty hacker, which means he gets paid to find glitches in the software of some of the world’s biggest companies.  Mr Lopez made his money on the world’s biggest ethical hacking platform: HackerOne.



Pulse is the answer for developers who don't require a complex DevOps solution for their Linux servers. 

Take Website Screenshots Automatically Every Hour, Day, Week, or Month.

Track Which Element Has Focus by Kayce Basques
Suppose that you're testing the keyboard navigation accessibility of a page. When navigating the page with the Tab key, the focus ring sometimes disappears because the element that has focus is hidden.

This project is similar to heapy (in the ‘guppy’ project), in its attempt to understand how memory has been allocated. 

Docker setup for WebdriverIO with automatic screenshots, image diffing and screen recording support for containerized versions of Chrome and Firefox.



Software Engineer in Test for Deep Learning - Cambridge, UK
The Software Engineer in Test for Deep Learning is responsible for developing software test suites and conducting hands-on testing of deep learning features. 

Software Quality Engineer (SQA) - Worcester, Massachusetts. United States
Looking to gain valuable experience working in an innovative, successful software company? Geisel Software, based in Worcester, Massachusetts, is a premier software developer that is working with and creating today's hottest software technologies. 



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