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TestBash Germany! Automation in Testing, Workshops, Full Day of Talks and an Open Space!
What is there not to love?  It's our 3rd year in Munich, we'll be back to Munich in September for a week full of goodness. We hope to see you there!

Why would someone use Cucumber?
A tester needs some convincing to use Cucumber.  I actually would like someone who uses Cucumber or JBehave to convince me, because it’s so prevalent, for some reason.

Power Hour - Ask Your Questions on Accessibility Testing
Accessibility issues can affect all of us whether we realise it or not so it’s important we are thinking about it and testing too. While it is a specialism of its own there’s a lot we can do on any project. All it takes is a few keyboard inputs to ask your question on The Club.  You have until the 5th of June to submit!

We've all heard of Shift Left, but how do you define Shift Right?
Ask and find out.  We have a new Testing Ask Me Anything happening on the 11th June at 8pm UK time with Marcus Merrell.  Ask anything related to Shift Left, Shift Right. 

Muddled Thoughts on Bug Prevention
Some muddled thoughts on bug prevention. I agree we can prevent them, but I still feel muddled whenever I think about the idea of prevention. An attempt to try and order my thoughts.

Wasteful Activity #2: Playing with defects
Testers are normally associated with finding defects. Some testers get very protective with the defects they find and some developers can be very defensive about the defects they wrote. Customers don’t like defects, developers don’t like defects, product managers don’t like defects, let’s be honest, nobody likes defects besides some testers.

Fun with Broken Tests
For a bit of fun for my team, I built up a set of tests in Runscope. The first one I wrote was a working test. I copied it so that there were 12 copies of the test. I then broke it in subtle ways and asked them to make the tests pass properly. Does anyone else do anything like this?

Divide & conquer à la BDD: story, rule, scenario
When practicing Behaviour Driven Development (BDD), the details of the user stories are illustrated with BDD scenarios. But how many scenarios are enough for a good understanding? Rules can help.

VR Testing – the Trinity of Testing?
Being educated in a catholic school, I remember what the essence of the Christian doctrine of the Trinity is: The three Persons are distinct, yet are one “substance, essence or nature”.  Last StugHH event we learned about another trinity: Virtual reality as essence of hardware, software and human (body and mind).

Building a team path for quality
So I’ve been doing a lot of exercises and reading around leadership – not to become a team lead or change roles or whatever, but because I want to be a good advisor, mentor and advocate for quality in my company.



Ch-ch-ch-changes: Experiences of testers who have shifted left & right
Let’s learn what a few testers have found as they got involved with testing at various points in the continuous development cycle. If you haven’t yet been able to embrace continuous testing, these stories may give you some ideas on how to get started making the move.

Women in Testing: Allison Wilbur
This series highlights the contributions and expertise of some of the talented women in the testing community. For this one, we interviewed Allison Wilbur, a software engineer right here at Sauce Labs who works closely with our internal team as well as our customers.

Different Hacks to be a mindful agile tester
Our work environments are filled with distractions from having unnecessary and unproductive meetings to people checking their messages on phones, emails and slack channels. As a result, we feel demotivated, less productive and burnt out by the end of the day. 

GraphQL support in Postman available for early access on canary channel
We have been working on introducing native support for GraphQL queries in Postman. This is now available for early access.



Check out our forever automagically updated list of software testing podcasts...

News of the Damned for June 02 2019  by PerfBytes
Guest Operating systems, Tesla and Tickets

TDD: Don’t be afraid of Test-Driven Development - Test&Code
Test Driven Development, TDD, can be intimidating to try. 
Why is that? And how can we make it less scary? 
That's what this episode is about.

Episode 504 - Tools, Tips and Tricks - Gmail Filtering And Address Manipulation Tricks - Security in 5
This week's tools, tips and tricks episode are two tricks to help keep your Gmail spam, under control.



  • Boost - note taking for programmers
  • Recheck - a general framework that allows replacing manual asserts and checking everything at once.
  • Locator Advisor - Writing automated browser tests with Selenium? Let's see how good your locators are!
  • Mockbin - Mock, Test & Track HTTP Requests and Response for Microservices 
  • CucumberMink - write Gherkin BDD style end-to-end test and run it inside any browser
  • Moto - A library that allows you to easily mock out tests based on AWS infrastructure





Merge Conflict Resolution for the Confused
Anyone working with version control software such as Git will eventually come across a merge conflict. 

I am Tester, I am Developer
One of the biggest challenges I typically face when joining a development team is understanding the silo between programmers & testers (& other team members).



Accessible Icon Buttons
An icon button is an icon that triggers some sort of action on the page. More accurately, technically speaking, an icon button is a button that contains an icon and no (visible) accompanying text. These buttons can be found in the majority of app and user interfaces today. The infamous hamburger menu button is a great example of such buttons when not visually labelled “Menu”.

Shortcut commands are no doubt useful for many users. Keyboard only users, screen reader users and power users are few among these groups who heavily rely on keyboard. Are these shortcut commands uncomfortable for any of them?

The difference between keyboard and screen reader navigation
People often include screen reader users in the much larger group of keyboard-only users. Whilst this is correct (most screen reader users don’t use a mouse), it also creates a false impression of the way screen reader users navigate content.

Personas with Disabilities
Some people love personas. Some people hate them. But if you have personas, and they are 100 % able-bodied, you are doing everyone a disservice.



Australian tech unicorn Canva suffers security breach
Canva, a Sydney-based startup that's behind the eponymous graphic design service, was hacked earlier today, ZDNet has learned.  Data for roughly 139 million users has been taken during the breach, according to the hacker, who tipped off ZDNet.

Unpatched Flaw Affects All Docker Versions, Exploits Ready
All versions of Docker are currently vulnerable to a race condition that could give an attacker both read and write access to any file on the host system. Proof-of-concept code has been released.

Over 50,000 MS-SQL, PHPMyAdmin servers infected in Nansh0u campaign
A fresh wave of attacks against MS-SQL and PHPMyAdmin servers has been detected across the globe, launched in the quest for cryptocurrency.  Over 50,000 servers belonging to organizations in healthcare, telecommunications, media, and IT have been infected, Guardicore Labs said on Wednesday.

GDPR After One Year: Costs and Unintended Consequences
GDPR is officially one year old. How have the first 12 months gone? As you can see from the mix of data and anecdotes below, it appears that compliance costs have been astronomical; individual “data rights” have led to unintended consequences; “privacy protection” seems to have undermined market competition; and there have been large unseen — but not unmeasurable!





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