Weekly Newsletter: Dive into Browser Developer Tools Power Hour


TimeShiftX - The Time Travel Software
TimeShiftX lets you time travel your software to test date and time sensitive functionality and code such as year-end, daylight savings, and billing. Employ instant time travel inside Active Directory & Kerberos without code or system clock changes and removing all pain points.

Power Hour - Dive into Browser Developer Tools with Alan Richardson and Viv Richards
On the 16th of May Alan Richardson and Viv Richards will spend an exciting hour on The Club tapping away at their keyboards answering any of your questions related to developer tools in browsers and how to use them to support your web testing and automating. Even when you don’t know much about HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Ask your question to get it answered.

Tickets To TestBash New Zealand 2019 Now On Sale!
We’re super excited to announce that our TestBash New Zealand lineup is live. We can’t wait to welcome you to Te Papa, Wellington for our very first conference in New Zealand.

'It's OK' TestBash Talks Mental Health
This mental health playlist has been curated to highlight that if you're currently suffering from or have suffered from mental health issues then 'it's OK' and you are most definitely not alone.

TestSphere Arena
TestSphere Arena is a free expansion pack that is compatible with any TestSphere deck and turns your deck into a fast, fun game that's impossible to put down! The expansion pack contains 40 "special action cards" that cause game-changing moments to help you defeat your opponents. 

Masterclass: Inclusive Collaboration on Tuesday 14th May at 8pm UK Time
Most modern workplaces value collaboration, teamwork, interaction, and change, but for many people, some of the ways we work can result in unique challenges on top of the day-to-day technical challenges of software development.  In this Masterclass discover how the workplace can respect diverse needs and different requirements for interaction and collaboration to bring out the best in everyone's differences.

Global Resources for Mental Health Awareness and Support  by Heather Reid
I thought it would be great if we could all get together to create a list of mental health resources (help and awareness) by region/country.

Ministry of Testing Dojo Membership – #PayItForward by Hilary Weaver Robb
I’ve been thinking a lot recently about how fortunate I am, and I’ve been looking for ways to pay back the community for what it has given me.  I was inspired by Kristine Corbus to do a #PayItForward with a Ministry of Testing Dojo Membership, so here it is!

Don’t let JIRA stop you from visualizing dependencies by Elizabeth Zagroba
My team is at the beginning of a project. We’ve got a lot of potential features. Our task yesterday was to start breaking down big dreams into specific pieces of work we can pick up.

A Collection of Suggestions I Strenuously Resisted by Areti Panou
As soon as I started working as a tester, I knew that this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my professional life. Being completely inexperienced in software development, my idea of testing was that its purpose was to find bugs.

Seven Excuses Software Testers Need to Stop Making by Kristin Jackvony
Last summer, I read an interesting book called Extreme Ownership.  Written by two Navy SEAL officers, it describes the concept of taking responsibility for every facet of your job, even those things that you feel that you have no control over. 

Australia's A$50 note misspells responsibility
Australia's latest A$50 note comes with a big blunder hidden in the small print - a somewhat embarrassing typo.  The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) spelled "responsibility" as "responsibilty" on millions of the new yellow notes.

Open Sourcing Your Mindset by Brendan Connolly
As development has shifted from waterfall to agile and now DevOps, at each stage you see developers taking on more responsibility and accountability.



How to boost build time with CircleCI test parallelism by Karel Rochelt
Providing an error-free API for a heavily developed project is not an easy task. Likely, the first things that come to mind are tests. For a mid-sized API, you may write hundreds or even thousands of end-to-end tests. These tests significantly prolong build times.

Dealing with incidents can be stressful. On top of dealing with the issue at hand, responders are often responsible for handling comms, both internal and external, reporting, and coordinating the efforts of other engineers. To reduce the pressure and cognitive burden on its engineers, Monzo built Response to help coordinate and report incidents.

Artos open source project provides a solution to the test community that works out of the box and fills the market gap for true functional and end-to-end testing.

Infrastructure Monitoring as a Service. Monitor server, application and network performance on both sides of your firewall using all three dimensions of Panopta’s infrastructure monitoring methodology. All the benefits of on-premise monitoring delivered via our globally available SaaS platform – efficiently and economically.



A Quickstart Guide to Localization Testing (and Why You Need It) by Justin K
Imagine that you’re a diehard Boston Red Sox fan looking to buy a new T-shirt online. You visit a sports memorabilia website to see what’s available, but you’re instantly blasted with a full-page New York Yankees promotion. You may not leave the site entirely, but there’s no question that you would have had a better user experience if Red Sox gear were featured instead.

Tackling the Hardest Part of Functional Testing: Test Maintenance by Alex McPeak
Recently, we hosted the webinar “Test Maintenance: Tackling The Hardest Part of Functional Testing Like a Pro” where we discussed test case and test step checklists, test case clean up, and test reviews.

The Bugs Are Already Here! – The Testing Pyramid & Game of Thrones By Louis Gibbs
During the last week, there has been a discussion on the Ministry of Testing Club about the testing pyramid. I guess the excitement of Game of Thrones, and the test pyramid discussions, caused me to mix the 2 together. During the battle, I noticed how the strategies used could be compared to the different levels of testing and the testing pyramid.

Testing Effectively with Limited Resources by Scott Fitzpatrick
One of the biggest challenges for any development organization is managing time and development resources effectively.



Episode 486 - The Different Types Of Malware by Security in Five
The word malware is used very broadly for any type of malicious software. This episode breaks down malware and talks about the different types you can come across.

Episode 101: AB…not testing? by AB Testing
We realize during the intro, that this is the first time we’ve recorded an AB Testing podcast when neither Alan nor Brent are in a dedicated testing / QA role. What does that mean for Modern Testing?

127: I do love the Dutch by Smashing Security
Israel strikes back at Hamas's hacking HQ, a new sextortion email comes with a twist, and Carole saves the world with some help from hacked Roomba vacuum cleaners.

Episode 489 - Common Reasons Companies Get Breached by Security in Five
Companies get breached all the time and the reasons are more simple than you think. This episode talks about the common reasons companies get breached and what you can do to avoid the same mistakes.





My Story of Test Automation by Kristine Corbus
I use to think I am not technical and very far away from the thing called Test Automation (TA). Then I started to work at this one company, who were having huge quality problems. 

Who are you, Docker? by Daniel Gold
"Docker" is a big buzzword these days. Everybody wants to use it, everybody wants to learn about it. but who is this mysterious whale?

How to speed up JavaScript testing by Chris Girard
If you are interested in automated tests you most likely have a growing application or a growing engineering team and need a reliable way to test your application.



How do You Test Success Criterion 1.3.5 on Mobile Applications? by Chrissie Henning
Here at TPG we have been asking this question and been working hard to fully understand this Success Criterion and provide a feasible solution. 

Fix 85% of your Web Accessibility issues in 5 easy steps by Alvaro Montoro 
In a previous post, we saw the importance of Web Accessibility and mentioned The WebAIM Million, an analysis by WebAIM on the current state of Web Accessibility of 1 million popular pages.

Levy County To Adapt Documents For Visually Impaired Individuals by Rachel Spencer
Levy County will soon adjust its website and online documents to comply with the federal Americans with Disabilities Act’s standards for visually impaired website visitors.



Facebook sponsored posts selling access to hacked PayPal accounts by Graham Cluley
Have you ever been curious just how much vetting Facebook does before it accepts cash for an ad or a sponsored post?

Oregon became a testing ground for Amazon’s facial-recognition policing. But what if Rekognition gets it wrong? by Drew Harwell
When workers at an Ace Hardware here reported a young woman had walked out of the store with an $11.99 tank of welding gas that she hadn’t paid for in her tote bag, an elaborate high-tech crime-fighting operation sprang into action.

Breaking News! Google AdWords Exploit Seen in the Wild! Yikes! by Josh
Today, my aunt Sue did a google search for “ebay” and got this…See the ad for ebay at the top of the results? Not particularly interesting, right? The google provided link text says ebay, and overing over the link shows ebay.

Firefox add-ons with obfuscated code will be banned by Mozilla by Lisa Vaas
In order to protect Firefox users from malicious add-ons, Mozilla has banned extensions that contain obfuscated code.

The Fight to Regulate Dangerous Design Is Heating Up by Katharine Schwab
Yesterday, the U.K.’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), which oversees data and privacy, announced a radical proposal to regulate children’s privacy online. 

Ukrainian Charged With Launching 100 Million Malicious Ads by Lindsey O'Donnell
Oleksii Petrovich Ivanov has been extradited in the U.S. after allegedly launching malvertising campaigns that caused victims to view malicious ads on more than 100 million occasions.



QA Tester - London, UK
We’re building the best digital current account, and are looking for a pragmatic, product-oriented QA tester to help us balance speed with quality in the app updates we ship.

Test Engineers and Senior Test Engineers - Cambridge, UK
Linguamatics is looking for software test engineers to work on Linguamatics' world-class natural language processing software for life science and healthcare applications.



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