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Free Software Testing Virtual Conference

STARWEST will be streamed live October 3-4 from Anaheim, California and includes keynote presentations, industry technical presentations, live interviews with conference speakers discussing their talks and their area of expertise, networking opportunities and learn about the most recent solutions from top industry providers. 


Testing Ask Me Anything - How to Recruit a Tester with Amy Newton

We have a new Ask Me Anything live webinar on Tuesday 11th September at 8pm UK time. This time we're talking about How to Recruit a Tester.  Some potential questions you can ask Amy once you're registered: How much should I pay a graduate?  How can I tell if someone will be a culture fit?  How can I make sure I am hiring fairly considering all aspects of diversity and inclusion?


Mobile Testing Part IV: An Introduction to Mobile Security Testing by Kristin Jackvony 

Mobile security testing can be problematic for a software tester, because it combines the challenges of mobile with the challenges of security testing. 


Quest for Quality, 3-4 October, Dublin

Join #Q4Q2018, a 2-day forward-thinking annual software QA and testing conference, bringing together 200+ thought leaders to address the latest challenges of newly emerging technologies. Main topic: Reinventing QA for the new IT era.  Check out inspiring speakers, agenda, and registration options here. 


How can software testers ask for help? by Rosie on The Club

If a tester doesn’t know something, what are some practical and effective things they can do to ask for help?


Styles of Pair Testing by Maaret Pyhäjärvi

You must have heard about pair programming and it’s testing sibling, pair testing. What you might not have realized that there are two significantly different styles of pairing. We call one traditional and the other strong-style. 

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How I Became an Automation Engineer by Cordny Nederkoorn 

I’m an automation engineer. I haven’t always been one, however.  Fifteen years ago, I started my adventure as a software tester.


Common Challenges Faced During Website Automated Testing by Harshit Paul

Automation is the need of the hour and is probably going to help you in the long run! Considering the huge number of competitors for every product, widely adoption of Agile development is demanding automation everywhere in the IT world – in order to reach the pinnacle stage.


How to Get Your Website Ready for Open Enrollment by Noga Cohen

Every year, come fall, Americans can enrol in health insurance programs for the upcoming year. As this is no decision to take lightly, people take time in advance to research plans, gather information and study the topic. 




Testers' Island Discs Ep22 - Michele Playfair by Neil Studd

This week's interview discusses some of the ideas which form the foundation of Michele's forthcoming TestBash Australia talk, "A Tester's Guide To Changing Hearts And Minds". In an episode themed around trust, communication and collaboration, we talk about how testing overlaps with programming, teaching and marketing; how introverts can get outside their comfort zone; and whether Michele is secretly trying to start a war.  Along the way, we pay tribute to the work of Jerry Weinberg, and play Michele's song selections which each have a geographic significance.

Episode 88: Testing Isn’t Dead (Testers, OTOH…) by AB Testing

It’s the last of our deep-dive series on Modern Testing Principles. This time, we discuss the (sometimes controversial) principle number 7. 


Owning and Improving Office Culture with Michele Playfair and Pete Bartlett by The Super Testing Bros

The Super Testing Bros talk to Michele and Pete about owning and improving office culture in the August edition of our monthly MoT podcast, 2018.

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Checkbox vs Toggle Switch by UX Planet

Every tester should know when to use a checkbox or toggle switches. Here’s a handy guide.

VerbalExpressions - RegularExpression made easy by DEV

When you start learning a new programming language, maybe you had been learning follow those steps: variable, assignment, string, operators... One major theme you need to focus is string operations. Fox example: get first name from fullname, find and censor all mobile numbers in message,...


Common webpage design mistakes  by Tilda Publishing Blog

Design mistakes to look out for when testing.  There are thousands of people all over the world who create websites on Tilda.  We analysed common mistakes that people make when they create websites using our platform. Here is a list of dos and don'ts applicable to any web design tool or service you use.


What Are “Ethics in Design”? by Slate

Last year, a video posted to Twitter captured two Facebook employees using a soap dispenser in an employee bathroom. The white employee places his hand under the dispenser and receives soap without incident. But when the black employee holds his hand under the dispenser, nothing happens. The sensor cannot recognize his hand.  It was a small example of a problem that plagues the design industry. 


Your Ultimate Guide To Successful Usability Testing by UXStudio

Here we’ll give you some guidelines and best practices, whether you’re just beginning to include usability testing in your processes or are setting out to up your usability testing game.


Make Something Great: Become an Open Source Contributor by  A List Apart

My first contribution to Bootstrap was a tiny line of CSS. It was a no-brainer to merge, but the feeling of seeing that bit of code in the project’s codebase was unreal and addictive.






This tool help you Monitor and fix JavaScript errors in real time. 



By utilizing a simple and minimal usage syntax, that requires a flat learning curve, taskbook enables you to effectively manage your tasks and notes across multiple boards from within your terminal.



A native lazy load for the Web platform is designed to dramatically improve performance by deferring the load of below-the-fold images and third party iFrames.



Open Sesame” Bug Allows Anyone to Hack Windows 10 Using Just Their Voice by Swift Safe

Microsoft is continuously working on making Windows 10 more secure, and while the company has indeed managed to make the operating system more difficult to break into, bugs in certain features make hackers’ lives significantly easier.

Georgia Tech Creates Cybersecurity Master’s Degree Online for Less Than $10,000 by Georgia Tech News Center

The Georgia Institute of Technology has announced a new online cybersecurity master’s degree that will be offered for less than $10,000 and delivered in collaboration with edX. 


Google pushes back at study alleging overly broad data collection by Jack Morse 

Your Android smartphone is collecting a lot of data on you. Specifically, almost 10 times more than Apple's iOS, claims a study by Vanderbilt University professor Douglas C. Schmidt.



Your skip links are broken by Hampus Sethfors

Many websites have an accessibility feature called skip links that help some users navigate the site. However, there’s a problem with basically all skip links on mobile devices, which hurts your site’s accessibility instead of improving it.

Apple sued over claims website is inaccessible to visually impaired users By Malcolm Owen

Apple has become the target of a new lawsuit, one that claims the iPhone producer's website is violating the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) by not being fully accessible to blind or visually-impaired consumers, due to the way the website itself is coded. 



Graduate Test Analyst / Engineer (Aldgate, UK)

The Test team at Infomentum are looking for an outstanding Graduate or Junior Test Analyst / Engineer with knowledge of a programming language. 

Test Engineer, Life Science (Cambridge, UK)

The Test team at Linguamatics is looking for someone with knowledge of biology, genomics, bioinformatics, or related areas to join us in our work testing Linguamatics' world-class natural language processing software for life science and healthcare applications, and the resources that we develop alongside it.

QA Engineer (Liverpool, UK)

As QA Engineer, you will be involved throughout the development lifecycle of the Product Development Group team with particular responsibility in the quality assurance of software development and deployment with emphasis on development and implementation of test automation.