Weekly Newsletter: How do you know what to test?


TimeShiftX – Travel in Time, Test with Ease
TimeShiftX lets you time travel your software to test date and time sensitive functionality and code such as year-end, daylight savings, and billing. Employ instant time travel inside Active Directory & Kerberos without code or system clock changes and removing all pain points.  

Win a TestBash Netherlands Workshop Ticket
A generous anonymous donor has sponsored 1 workshop ticket for TestBash Netherlands.  The winner can choose any of the awesome workshops to attend.

Everything you need to know for TestBash Brighton
As TestBash Essentials and TestBash Brighton approach, it’s time to get everything you need to know in the one place!

Testability Workshop with Rhian Lewis
In Rhian's workshop at London Tester Gathering Workshop you will have a brief intro about blockchain technology in general.  Then you'll build your blockchain application and deploy it. Once armed with the knowledge of how it all fits together, you will then work together to discover how to test it manually and programmatically.  

How do you know what to test? by Rosie
When given something to test, how do you know what to test?  What guides you along the way? What resources do you refer to, to help?  Who do you go to for support?  I’m asking this as I know it’s such a common question and it would be really useful to have an epic discussion on it.

What Does Testability Mean To Me?: #30daysoftesting by Michael Larsen
I've decided that I need to get back into the habit of writing stuff here just for me and anyone else who might happen to want to read it.   What better way to get back into the swing of things than a 30 Days of Testing Challenge?

Your Mileage Will Vary by Jesper Ottosen
Looking at all the podcast, conference and community chatter you could get the impression that everyone else’s projects always follows the latest trends and hottest principles. That everything is perfect, and everything is a success – and that all new ideas are working right off the bat.

Ideas to Start Testing Without Equipment by Cassandra H. Leung
A few months ago, I was pleased to arrive on-site with a new client as a tester on the project.  I was surprised, however, to find that the company had not yet ordered any equipment for me to work with, and I wasn’t able to use my own company’s equipment either. 



5 Myths About Testing by Michael Ruttenberg
Testers, or as some call us, "QAs" (quality assurance), get a bad rap. We're often the bearer of bad news, and it can be interpreted as criticism of developers or processes upstream. Here are some misperceptions I've come across in my career.

March Product Updates by Joan Liu
Are you dreading the Ides of March? According to the History Channel, “the Ides of March once signified the new year, which meant celebrations and rejoicing.  Positive or negative connotations aside, we here at CrossBrowserTesting have some great improvements that we hope bring you celebration and rejoicing.

Soft Launch, Dark Launch, and Canary Release for Mobile Apps: Choosing the Right Tactic by Sherief Abul-Ezz
Soft launching, dark launching, and canary releases are useful strategies you can employ to test the market, make sure issues don’t reach production, and minimize their impact if they do.

How to Future-Proof Your Mobile Testing Strategy by Chris Tozzi
How can you future-proof your mobile testing strategy? Given the rate at which significant mobile hardware and software updates appear, this is a critical question to answer.



test && commit || revert (TCR) - Thomas Deniffel by Test & Code
With conventional TDD, you write a failing test, get it to pass, then refactor.  Then run the tests again to make sure your refactoring didn't break anything.  But what if it did break something? 

244: Fast Forward Your Entire Development Cycle with Israel Rogoza and Avishai Moshka by Joe Colantonio 
Discover how to reduce your builds, tests and other tasks leveraging grid computing. So if you’re looking for ways to accelerate your software development efforts without reducing the quality, listen up.

Episode 447 - TikTok Hit With A Huge Fine For Collecting Data On Kids by Security in Five
The music sharing app TikTok, formerly Music.ly, got hit with a huge fine for children data privacy violations. This episode goes over wy they got fined and what you and others need to know about parenting around these child focused apps.

Lockdown by The Good, The Bad and The Buggy
Tablets and "social media" apps are making their way into prison. How can they help inmates look to a better life? Alex and Bria discuss and talk to the founder of InmateAid.

Episode 98: Stuff about Alan and a Mailbag Question by AB Testing
We talk very abstractly about Alan’s new role, and dive into a mailbag question on the role of leadership in a quality culture.

119: Hijacked homes, porn passports, and ransomware regret by Smashing Security
A $150 million mansion is hijacked online, Brits will soon have to scan their passport to watch internet porn, and are organisations right to pay up when hit by ransomware?

The Testing Show: Advanced Agile with DevOps by The Testing Show
DevOps is a common term and one that seems to be hard to pin down or to define. Additionally, it seems that for many, the idea behind DevOps seems to be an elimination of testers or testing. 

Episode 10: Marian Phelan - A Woman Who Builds Strong Teams by Women Who Change Tech
Join us to hear what it is like to be a Rocketeer and how Hashrocket builds strong teams. Learn how Marian makes it part of the company culture to reach out into the community with mentoring projects for veterans and women. All of these things are a reflection of the culture that helps to make Hashrocket an incredible place to work.

Ep. 022 – Plaintext passwords, cryptocoin criminality and the Momo monstrosity by Paul Ducklin
The Naked Security podcast explains why storing plaintext passwords is an unnecessary evil, investigates a cryptocurrency spat between a software maker and a disgruntled user, and tells you some earnest but sometimes unpopular truths about how to keep your children safe online.





Easy Free Automation Part VIII: Accessibility Tests by Kristin Jackvony 
Accessibility in the context of a software application means that as many people as possible can use the application easily.  When making an application accessible, we should consider users with limited vision or hearing, limited cognitive ability, and limited dexterity. 

Testing your contracts by Steven Burton
In this part, we’ll be examining the provider side code of the same scenario. I’d therefore recommend checking out the earlier parts if you haven’t yet, or even for a refresher as this part may not have much context otherwise.

How To Select The Right Test Automation Tool by Daniel Knott
Every software development team or company will come to the point where a test automation tool is needed to downsize the effort of regression testing. The test automation tool can help the tester and the whole team to concentrate on other important testing tasks that a tool can’t handle.



See No Evil: Hidden Content and Accessibility by Paul Hebert  
When I first started learning web development I thought hiding content was simple: slap display: none; onto your hidden element and call it a day. Since then I’ve learned about screen readers, ARIA attributes, the HTML5 hidden attribute, and more!

Accessibility Checklists — Just say No by Sheri Byrne-Haber
I am an Accessibility Manager with 15 years of experience. No more general A11Y Checklists, PLEASE !!!  There are so many articles touting themselves as general “accessibility checklists” that I’ve literally lost track.

Designing For Children by Feifei Liu
 Designers should consider the physical and mental abilities of children, as well as utilize existing UX conventions. Here are 3 guidelines to consider when designing UX for children, based on our user research with users aged 3-12 years.

Getting an accessibility audit
Getting an expert audit can help find any accessibility problems with your service and make sure it meets accessibility requirements.

Tips to Create an Accessible and Contrasted Color Palette by Stéphanie Walter
Color contrast is something really important in Design. It will help users read your text and get a clear understanding of your content.



Cybersecurity companies look  to artificial intelligence as they struggle to find human workers by Wallace Witkowski
RSA, largest security trade show, kicks off next week and major companies are focused on AI solutions even as executives doubt the technology’s readiness.

HIPAA breach at local health system vendor by Krystle Wagner
Some local residents are receiving letters about protecting their health and financial information after the North Ottawa Community Health System was informed of a data breach.



Contrast analysis widget by Ada Rose Edwards
It is important that sites maintain legibility of all their text content for all of their users. Low contrast text can make it very difficult for some readers to read some text. 

Accessibility Reporting Language (AXRL) is a data format designed to describe accessibility tests for Web pages, Native apps and other software. AXRL is designed to be a flexible and extendable data format.

Introducing Gremlin Free
Today, we’re thrilled to announce Gremlin Free, to further our mission of making the internet more reliable for everyone. Gremlin Free provides the ability to run both Shutdown and CPU attacks on your hosts or containers, controlled by a simple user interface at no cost.

chaoskube periodically kills random pods in your Kubernetes cluster.



QA Automation Engineer - London, UK
We are looking for a talented and passionate QA Automation Engineer to join BrightTALK’s software engineering department, working in our Content team based in Central London. 

Software Quality Engineer (SQA) - Worcester, Massachusetts. US
Do you love breaking things and testing software, but feel like you aren't learning enough anymore? Looking to gain valuable experience working in an innovative, successful software company?



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