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Join Techwell in Toronto For StarCanada 2018

Now is the time to explore the full testing program and start planning your trip to Toronto, October 14-19, 2018. There will be more the 50 learning sessions for you to discover how to improve your testing teams and practices.


A Software Tester’s Key Skill

Ministry of Testing’s forum, The Club, has been a wonderful place for gathering opinions and information from the software testing community. As well as a great place for offering support to our wide audience of software testers. This particular visual of software testers’ key skills is directly from a post on The Club.


Bug Tennis Mug

To commemorate the world's most celebrated lawn tennis competition, Wimbledon, we have this rather fun Ministry of Testing Bug Tennis Mug.


Learn How Dow Jones Increased Coverage with Large-Scale Automated Visual Testing 

Join this session on 18th July 6pm BST, wth Engineering Director @ Dow Jones Sumeet Mandloi, and learn how you can easily avoid front-end bugs and visual regressions, as well as substantially increase coverage, by adding automated visual testing to your existing automated tests running locally or on the cloud. 


TestBash Brighton Essentials - Submit Your Talk

TestBash Essentials is a new one day conference focusing on the more introductory ideas in software testing. We're looking for talks that will help those that are newer to testing.  We think it's important that people who do not know a lot about testing should walk away feeling like they understand testing better.


Win One Year’s Free Subscription To The Dojo By Filling Out This Short Survey

Tell us about your testing-in-Jira experiences. Fill out this 10-minute survey and win a Dojo subscription or one of 3x TestSphere card decks!


Testers' Island Discs Ep18 - Paul Maxwell-Walters

Paul Maxwell-Walters joins us from Down Under.  We get into philosophical and real-world political discussions, drawing parallels to our experiences in the world of software testing, sharing tales of teams who may have fallen foul of "sleepwalking" through their processes and discussing tips on how to help teams to negotiate these everyday pitfalls, and how to speak up within harsh working environments.


Watch Testing Ask Me Anything - Modern Testing

For this Ask Me Anything we were joined by Alan Page on the topic of Modern Testing.  Alan is a community builder and lover of learning. Alan is an author, as well as being part of the AB Testing Podcast. Watch this session to learn more about Modern Testing.

MoT Meetups

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Ministry of Testing Edinburgh - Leveraging Tools and AI to enable Testing - 26th July

This month’s talk comes all the way from NZ! James Farrier who is on a flying visit to (currently) sunny Scotland is going to talk to us about how he is using AI to help predict where to look for potential defects.


The Club 

We've picked a few topics of interest from The Club for you to read, contribute and generally get involved with?

30 Days of Automation Testing Day 11- Compare and contrast Mocking,Stubbing and Faking

As somebody relatively new and starting out in test automation, I tried to search for a beginner-friendly explanation of concepts of what on earth is stubbing, mocking and faking. Most definitions are technical as it is used in unit testing or test driven development (TDD).


How Does Your Code Smell?

I’ve been a software test automation engineer for quite a few years, and in that time, I’ve been asked to look at a lot of different automation.  Early in my career, I learned about code smells the hard way. Now, I’ve been tasked with refactoring existing automation at a couple of different projects, and mentoring new automators to keep their code smelling fresh and clean.


Community Posts

Highlighting a selection of blog posts from the testing community.

WCAG 2.1 web accessibility guidelines have landed – Quality is King by Peter Gould

WCAG are an internationally established set of guidelines for ensuring that content on the internet is accessible. The guidelines are maintained by W3C, the main standards body for the internet.  Whilst the guidelines partly focus on people with various disabilities, they ultimately ensure that everybody has equal access to the online world, whether they have a permanent, temporary, situational or no disability.


Think Like a Tester: Hidden in Plain Sight- Using Dev Tools to Find Security Flaws 

A common misconception is that all security testing is complicated.  While some testing certainly requires learning new skills and understanding things like networks, IP addresses, and domain names, other testing is extremely simple.


Testing Blogs

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