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What separates the DevOps "laggards" from the "leaders"? 

Companies that rely solely on manual software testing are over 2x more likely to report that software testing is a DevOps bottleneck. Read more in Forrester's new research on agile metrics and DevOps metrics for software quality.

React & Pancakes: A Practical Overview Of React For Software Testers by James Espie

This article will cover some of the terms unique to React, what makes it a great library to use, and how it works. This should allow any tester to collaborate and converse with developers who are using the React framework.

99 Things You Can Do To Become A Better Software Tester by Rosie

‘Back in the day’…in our old forum we ran a forum discussion asking the software testing community for 99 ideas of what software testers could do to become a better tester.

Webinar: Building an Effective Front-end Testing Discipline

In this session -- hosted by Kevin Lamping, Front-end Engineer and Consultant -- you'll learn how to build an effective Front-end Testing Discipline using different tools and techniques.

The road not taken: dealing with unintended user actions by Sanchit Soni

So, when the user clicks here, this will pop up What if user doesn’t clicks  there? What do you mean? What if user clicks elsewhere Oh. hmmm……..

Feedback Is Your Golden Ticket by Martin Hynie

I have had some very interesting conversations over the past few weeks with testers wanting better access. More specifically, testers who are eager to really get more involved with upfront planning in their projects, and even their sprints.

What Goes into a Well-Done Critique by Jared M. Spool

Receiving a critique is probably one of the hardest things we’ll do in our work. Giving one is equally as difficult. It’s hard to do well and easy to do poorly.

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Common Challenges Faced During Website Automated Testing by Harshit Paul

With everyone planning on deploying automation into their organization I thought of addressing the challenges faced while Automated Website Testing!

Will this bug still be critical 6 months from now? by Joel Montvelisky 

This has happened to me many times.  I find myself fighting over the importance to get a bug fixed, entrenching in arguments around user behavior and customer value, and launching frontal attacks in an effort to win the battle over who is right and who is wrong.

Testing your Website using Apache Test Environment by Harshit Paul

Launched in 1995, Apache Web Server has been the subject of discussion regarding the most popular web server on the internet.




Selenium Above and Beyond with Andrew Krug by Joe Colantonio

In this episode, we’ll be test talking with the lazy coder Andrew Krug. Andrew just created a new resource called Selenium: Above and Beyond and that what well’’ be covering today.

069 Four Serverless Patterns everyone should know with Justin Donohoo by PurePerformance

Serverless has been a hot topic for quite a while, but we are still in the early stages when it comes to best practices and tooling. Justin Donohoo, Co-Founder of observian.com, gives us the pros and cons of 4 architectural patterns.

#3: The One with Sal Soghoian hosted by Shelly Brisbin

The Parallel breaks format for a special episode with the man behind Mac automation at Apple, Sal Soghoian. It's one of those encore presentations, but well worth your time!

Episode 26: Is Speed the Key to Enterprise DevOps Success?  by Modern Software Podcast

When it comes to software development, speed is the critical ingredient for success. If you plan for speed carefully enough, cost and quality will come along for the ride.

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Copy Techniques that Alienate Users by Patrick Stafford

Ever read something on a website that makes you feel a bit… off?  You might not be able to explain it. But you can certainly feel it. And one thing’s for sure: you’re second-guessing about whether you want to buy anything from that site ever again, or even set your browser sails in that direction.

Rico's cheatsheets

A collection of tech cheat sheets to help you work better.

A developer’s guide to web design for non-designers by Patrik Krupar

Since my first website, I’ve always prioritized making stuff look good. Admit it or not, people judge things based on looks. If what you make looks good, like you know what you’re doing, people are going to trust it more. That’s just how things are.

Don't Do This in Production by Stephen Mann

Around March of 2017, I received a call asking for a code review on a product about to be launched. This company had issues with memory leaks, spontaneous crashing, slow loading, CPU spiking, and had to release in a couple of weeks. You might have heard this story before, just not from me, and not about this company. It’s surprisingly common.







Visual user tracking, error reporting and access control hawk.


A hackable text editor for the 21st century.

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is a lightweight but powerful source code editor which runs on your desktop.




A quick introduction to web security by Austin Tackaberry

A web developer’s primer on CORS, CSP, HSTS, and all the web security acronyms!

Practical Web Cache Poisoning by James Kettle

Web cache poisoning has long been an elusive vulnerability, a 'theoretical' threat used mostly to scare developers into obediently patching issues that nobody could actually exploit.

It’s Really Easy for Hackers to Take Control of Robots by Kristin Houser

NOT CREEPY AT ALL. We’re finding robots in more places in our daily lives, but it’s still pretty weird to hear them speak. And when one utters are “Hello from the hackers,” well, we’re pretty solidly into nightmare territory.




How you can use AI, AR, and WebGL shaders to assist the visually impaired by Dan Ruta

Today, about 4% of the world’s population is visually impaired. Tasks like simple navigation across a room, or walking down a street pose real dangers they have to face every day. Current technology based solutions are too inaccessible, or difficult to use.

Accessibility Terms Defined by Jaclyn Leduc

What does it mean to be accessible? What’s the difference between closed captions and subtitles – is there even a difference? If a friend or colleague asks you for a transcription definition, what should you say?

The importance of text accessibility: how IBM’s Content Clarifier shows us what we’ve forgotten by Jonathan Hassell

Back in 2001, when I first started working in accessibility at the BBC, one of the key things we thought about was the aim to make text as simple as possible.  Accessibility experts and our users agreed that how we used words on our websites was massively important.




Embedded Systems - Software Engineer In Test  (Cambridge, UK)

Come join a small, high-energy quality engineering team responsible for testing the deployment of Simulink Coder generated code. 

Quality Assurance Engineer (Marousi, Athens. Greece )

As a QA Engineer in Encode, you will ensure that our cloud enabled services follow our business requirements, are robust, reliable, secure and capable of processing terabytes of data.