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Join the software testing community at STAREAST in Orlando!
The conference week features over 100 learning and networking opportunities for some of the most in-demand topics. Register by March 1 and save up to $400 off PLUS an additional 10% off with promo code MOTTW. 

Make your automated checks more reliable and easier to maintain with Peter Bartlett
Our next Masterclass on 19th February at 8pm UK time, learn how to write automated checks in a way that is fast, reliable, maintainable and becomes a crucial part of your continuous delivery pipeline.   Plus avoid the common problems that can plague your automated tests by benefiting from Peter's personal experiences.

30 Days of Testability
The 30 Days of Testing Challenge is back!   This time, the theme is Testability and this challenge has been kindly sponsored by Tricentis. These challenges are a great way to learn on your own, as a team effort or join in with the wonderful Ministry of Testing community online.  

Automation in Testing training in Zürich
A fantastic new three-day training course 25th - 27th March taught by Richard Bradshaw and Mark Winteringham! Automation is everywhere, so in order to remain relevant, you need to know how to code, right? No. While knowing how to code is a great tool in your toolbelt, there is far more to automation than writing code.

Joining Ministry of Testing as MoneyBoss by Sarah Kitchener
Before joining the Ministry of Testing, I was caught in a toxic working environment which was having a detrimental effect on my mental health and family life.

London Tester Gathering Workshops Line-up is Live
The Ministry of Testing and Tony Bruce are excited to announce that the London Tester Gathering Workshops programme is live!  It’s a perfect opportunity for all you software testers to polish up some existing skills or learn some new ones. 

Testing Ask Me Anything on Testability with Ash Winter
Our host Vernon Richards was joined by Ash Winter who managed to answer plenty of the questions that were asked on the night.  

TestBash Returns to San Francisco
After the huge success of last year, the demand for an encore is clear. We're returning on the 6-7 November 2019. Do you have stories, ideas, learning opportunities, or the solution to a tricky problem that you want to share with us? We are looking for talks that are highly creative, fun, but still focus on learning.

Write a sad test story in 3 words...
We decided to ask you all on Twitter about this, we've had some rather interesting and relatable replies.  What are your 3 words?

How to manage test credentials practically and securely? by Alison 
Generally, I’ve prioritised security and making the credentials accessible for test automation, but the downside is that, as a human, managing and using the credentials is quite fiddly and error-prone. Maybe there’s a better way?

Code Coverage vs Test Coverage; Subjectivity and Usefulness by Dan Ashby
It’s really surprising how many people believe that code coverage and test coverage are the same thing. I don’t know where this confusion has stemmed from, but from scouring around the internet, it seems to be a common challenge that people switch between code coverage and test coverage interchangeably, probably subconsciously too. They are not the same. Let me use one of my son’s toys to explain.

Learn how to threat model using an interactive board game by Harjit Sandhu
Threat modelling is a very hot topic within security. With many companies struggling to roll out this methodology, we needed a solution that would allow us to do this at scale.



Proxy vs. VPN for Localization Testing by Paul Reinheimer
As the number of VPN providers continues to grow exponentially, we're starting to hear them mentioned as possible competitors in conversation with our customers. I believe proxy servers are a much better technical solution for the vast majority of localization testing, and I thought it would be worth mentioning why.

Architectural design of AI software: the 3 layers by Alexandre Langenieux
This post is the first in a series that will highlight the similarities and differences of AI software development with regards to non-AI software development. In this article, we will focus on the software architecture of a complete AI solution.

Front-End Performance Testing: Challenges and How to Solve Them by Michael Churchman
Front-end performance testing can be challenging. There's no question about that. And it should be a major part of the testing regime for any browser-based application or service. There's no question about that, either.



Back to Augmented Reality by The Good, The Bad and The Buggy
Alex and Bria discuss the evolution of Augmented Reality, which has been brought to our mobile devices though applications like PokemonGO, Snapchat, Warber Parker, and Ikea.

240: How to Listen to Your Tests with Alex Schladebeck by Joe Colantonio
Today we’ll be test talking with Alex Schladebeck about her views on Software Testing. Discover what linguistics has to do with testing, how to stop hating your UI tests and much more. 

Episode 426 - Facebook Secretly Paid Users To Use A Data Sucking VPN by Security in Five
Facebook's goal is to collect every little bit of data on you no matter how they can. This episode talks about Facebook secretly paying users to install an app that does just that. 

64: Practicing Programming by Test & Code
I want you to get the most out of being a software developer, or test engineer, or whatever you do that makes this podcast relevant to your life.

How to Drive Quality in Your Organisation, Regardless of the Organisation You’re In? by Testing One-on-One
Testers or Quality Assurance? Can we influence or drive quality? Should we? People can and should, but not everyone can. And some organisations do not welcome it. We can and should, but not everyone CAN right now.

115: Love, Nests, and is 2FA destroying the world? by Smashing Security
Is two factor authentication such a pain in the rear end that it's costing the economy millions? Do you feel safe having a Google Nest in your home? And don't get caught by a catfisher this Valentine's Day.





Easy Free Automation Part IV: UI Tests by Kristin Jackvony 
I'll be honest: UI tests are my least favorite automated tests.  This is because they are often so hard to set up.  There are dozens of different ways to run automated UI tests, but this can make things more confusing because it's hard for someone new to automation to figure out what to do.

High quality automated docker hub push using Github, TravisCI and pyup for Python tool distributions by Davide Moro
Let's say you want to distribute a Python tool with docker using known good dependency versions ready to be used by end users... In this article, you will see how to continuously keep up to date a Docker Hub container with minimal managing effort using github, TravisCI and pyup.

Accessing Private JavaScript Variables at Runtime by Alan Richardson
I like to write little bots from the console to help with application and game automation. But when the variables and objects I need are created from within anonymous functions I can’t get access. In this post I will explain how to access them.

Is It Ever Too Early For Automation? by Paul Grizzaffi
Over the last couple of months, I’ve seen social media posts and been involved in chats about automation not being feasible, valuable, appropriate, etc. early in the development process. Though I’ve heard, and probably said, similar things over the years, I now think I have my brain sorted enough to write about this topic. 

Integration Testing with Spring - Data II by Gil Zilberfeld
Today we’ll tackle JDBC options for testing in Spring. Before we start, there’s one more annotation to learn from Spring: @Repository. We put it on a class to tell Spring that this is a data class, talking to a data source. A @Repository is basically a component or a bean. Repositories are the Data Access Objects we use to talk to the database.



W3C Accessibility Guidelines for Mobile Games by Amy Wilson Michael Crabb
In the past decade, video games have become one of the fastest growing forms or entertainment around the world. In particular, mobile gaming has continued to evolve, becoming increasingly popular for billions of people worldwide. An ongoing issue within this subject is the accessibility issues users’ face when playing these types of games.

Uncanny A11y by Adrian Roselli
The pun in the title is that some people pronounce the a11y numeronym as “alley”. That makes the full title sound like uncanny valley, the concept of human-looking things seeming almost, but not quite, human and therefore creepy.  In accessibility, the same thing can happen. Developers can try so hard to make sure something is accessible that the entire experience becomes weird, confusing, or downright unusable.



Apple sued for ‘forcing’ 2FA on accounts by Lisa Vaas
New York resident Jay Brodsky has filed a class action lawsuit against Apple, claiming that the company forces users into a two-factor authentication (2FA) straitjacket that they can’t shrug off, that it takes up to five minutes each time users have to enter a 2FA code, and that the time suck is causing “economic losses” to him and other Apple customers.

Dirty Sock vulnerability lets attackers gain root access on Linux systems by Catalin Cimpanu 
A security researcher published today proof-of-concept (PoC) code for a vulnerability primarily impacting Ubuntu, but also other Linux distros.



Hacking with Charles Proxy by Stéphane Colson
Today, let’s talk about Man in the Middle method that allows anyone to track any traffic sent and received by a smartphone or a browser on your computer. 

Open sourcing ClusterFuzz by Abhishek Arya, Oliver Chang, Max Moroz, Martin Barbella and Jonathan Metzman, ClusterFuzz team
Fuzzing is an automated method for detecting bugs in software that works by feeding unexpected inputs to a target program. It is effective at finding memory corruption bugs, which often have serious security implications.

A minimal availability monitoring system with basic email alerts.

Chrome DevTools: Dive into slow webpage activity with Long Task indicators
The Long Task indicator in the Performance Panel can give you a high-level overview of which activity is taking a long time to execute. 



Test Automation Engineer - Sawston, Cambridgeshire, UK
Frontier Smart Technologies are looking for a new Test Automation Engineer to join our Test Team. You will be part of a small efficient team working with new and innovative products in smart audio and smart home.

Test Engineer - Android & iOS - Stockholm, Sweden
Our mission is to make it possible for you to know who’s trying to contact you, and also tell you when not to pick up. We want to remove all uncertainty, making your communication safe and efficient by separating the important stuff from the noise and create trust, no matter if it’s in the beginning of a call, in the middle of a transaction or at the end of a signature. 



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