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The Sessions of Spring OnlineTestConf You Won't Want to Miss

The 4th OnlineTestConf (June 19-20th) is on its way. The planned session line-up will tackle the most relevant topics on everyone's professional minds. Attendance is free but the knowledge shared will be priceless. Save your seat!

Modern Testing Principles

Modern Testing Principles created by Alan Page and Brent Jensen are the natural evolution of the Agile Tester. With these seven principles of Modern Testing, testers can start moving from being the owners of quality to being the ambassadors of shippable quality, delivering value, and improving the quality culture of the team.  Download your pdf printable. 

Testers' Island Discs Ep14 - Amber Race

This week's guest is Amber Race, who brings a selection of topics for discussion which are almost as eclectic as her musical choices.  Amber and Neil share anecdotes of bridging the divide between developers and testers, and talk about the importance of empathy, teamwork, gratitude and humility.

TestBash Germany Super Early Bird Tickets End Soon

The Super Early Bird tickets are ending on 31st May!  With such a diverse lineup of topics, you can guarantee your mind will definitely feel stretched by the end of the day.  With such a wonderful community, you'd be able to share your ideas and gain a new understanding of the world that is testing.  Make the most of the discount while you can! 

Job: Bending Spoons - QA Tester

We care that our millions of users find our apps to be of the highest quality and receive appropriate support. Ensuring this is of paramount importance both to our professional integrity and to our business, as happy users are more likely to become paying customers. Find out what your responsibilities would be, as well as the traits they're looking for in Bending Spoons Job Ad.


99 Second Talk - Gareth Waterhouse - Checking and Testing

Gareth is on a roll with another software testing poem 99-second talk in as many months! This time, we hear about the difference between checking and testing.

MoT Meetups

Each week we will feature one of our upcoming MoT community Meetups. Find or start a MoT meetup.

SWTC Cambridge - Designing Tests

There are a number of tools and techniques we can use to help us design tests, in this session we'll take a look at some of them. By the end of the session, we'll have covered: Mnemonics to retrieve heuristics and oracles; Describing what a heuristic is; Describing what an oracle is; Apply using heuristics and oracles to a testing situation and Correlation between heuristics and test ideas. 


The Club 

We've picked a few topics of interest from The Club for you to read, contribute and generally get involved with.

30 days of Ecommerce Testing Day 10 

“An e-commerce system has been launched, you have to do a smoke test. Share what you would test”.  My opinion: browser-compatibility. Is the website correct displayed, if not: will I get an error Message or a forwarding? Crashes the browser?

Only and First specialised Tester in Company

Can you guys share your experiences as the lonely Testers in a company and how you manage and plan your work?  Please suggest activities to get started if one is moving from a big company to a small one as the single tester of a company.


Community Posts

Highlighting a selection of blog posts from the testing community.

Selling Quality – A Priori 

After giving a talk about testing to developers, someone in the audience asked: how do you sell testing and quality to the business? How do you get them to realise those are important?

Inattentional Blindness and Scripted Tests Mark Lapierre 

When I started working at my current workplace I found detailed scripted test cases. Part of my responsibilities included manual testing, so I thought I could test the way I was familiar with, and how the rest of my colleagues tested—just follow the test cases. It hasn’t worked well.

Testing Blogs

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Testing Podcasts 

MoT host various podcasts, but here is a selection of interesting testing podcasts from around the web.   

Testing Chatter

We keep a close eye on our two slack groups - testers.chat and our MoT Slack.  This is what they've been sharing.