Weekly Newsletter: Optimising Manual Test Scripts For An Agile Environment


Choosing the right Software Testing tool for your Software Development process
Before getting bogged down with a huge list of tools you should keep an open mind and ask some basic questions about context and needs. Here's what to keep in mind before selecting your software testing tool.

Course: Optimising Manual Test Scripts For An Agile Environment with Matt Archer
This course explores how the incompatibility risks between traditional and agile practices can be minimised by challenging you to think about what information is included in your manual test scripts, the language used to describe that information and whether a manual test script is the right location for this information.

The Future of Testing - Not Only Cars: AI, Please Test My App!
Don’t miss this session on 12th Dec at 6pm UK Time, with Sr. Architect Gil Tayar, as he discusses the future of software testing in light of recent major advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), and how testers should manage their careers in this quickly-evolving eco-system.

A Very Special Place - My Story at TestBash San Francisco by Felipe Oliveira 
Soon after I started working in QA, I discovered the Ministry of Testing and their Dojo. Something that particularly caught my attention were the TestBashes the Ministry of Testing organizes and the MoT Scholarship, which grants entrance to these events for participants who qualify. 

30 days of API testing Challenge – my Compilation by Maciej Wyrodek
In November I took part in API testing Challange.  I was posting my answers on Facebook. This post is a little-edited compilation of them. Originally I was intending to do missing days here, but my end of the year schedule is tighter than expected so I won’t be able to do it.

How to ask questions by Rosie
I’ve always enjoyed watching Louis Theroux’s documentaries and today I stumbled upon a short video that looks to understand how he asks questions.  It did make me wonder about resources on how to ask questions, does anyone have any?

Emergent Quality by Maverick Tester
If you work in software development, like I do, you most likely work within a complex system. You also, most likely, work on a complex system. Not sure?

Release More Defects by offbeattesting
What do you think is the biggest thing that holds back the quality of your product? Is it poor code quality?  insufficient testing? Not enough time for testing? Missing designs? Manger, tester or developer apathy? If you had to pick one thing, what would it be?

Testing in Babel or Experiences from Testing in a Foreign Language by Areti Panou
The situation where development and management don’t speak the “same language” is something that many of us have faced one time or another. But what happens if you are a tester and literally don’t speak the same language as the rest of the people around you?

Utilizing a Rubric to share expectations of the QA Engineer Role by Alan Barr 
When I was teaching English in South Korea I worked with a professor that taught me about using rubrics for grading our student's performance. It is difficult to measure each others performance especially in the field of software development. Rubrics create transparency around performance and expectations of a role. rubrics for grading our student's performance. It is difficult to measure each others performance especially in the field of software development. Rubrics create transparency around performance and expectations of a role. 




Eradicating Memory Leaks In Javascript by Nikhil
If you are wondering why your Javascript application might be suffering from severe slowdowns, poor performance, high latency or frequent crashes and all your painstaking attempts to figure out the problem were to no avail, there is a pretty good chance that your code is plagued by ‘Memory Leaks’. 

Reinvent Testing to Galvanize Digital Transformation by Cynthia Dunlop
You can’t find a modern enterprise that doesn’t depend on software, or a business transaction that doesn’t require software at some point in the end-to-end process.  



55: When 100% test coverage just isn't enough
What happens when 100% test code coverage just isn't enough.
In this episode, we talk with Mahmoud Hashemi about glom, a very cool project in itself, but a project that needs more coverage than 100%.

Episode 7 - Jesper Ottosen -With A Little Help From New Friends from The Guilty Tester
Do you ever feel guilty for not meeting the standards set by others in the Software Testing community? You're in the right place then.  In this episode I talk to Jesper Ottosen. We discuss traditions, open questions and how to work within contracts which are specifically requesting traditional test practices based on large numbers of test cases. 

033 Performance Engineering at Facebook with Goranka Bjedovfrom PurePerformance
Goranka Bjedov has an eye over the performance of thousands of servers spread across the data centers of Facebook.

Episode 382 - Listener Q&A - How Do You Deal With Security Anxiety? from Security in Five
This episode is a new series that I will release as the topics make themselves available and that's on the listeners. I get feedback all the time from listeners and I decided to take these questions and turn them into a podcast episode because the topics relate to everyone.

Episode 94: Modern Testing meets Context-Driven Testing from AB Testing
It’s the penultimate show of 2018, with a lot of (hopefully interesting) preamble on this one, but we spend a chunk of time reviewing the Context-Driven Testing Principles and how they relate to the Modern Testing Principles.

Ep 20 Will Bengtson: Navigating the Road From Security Consultant to Practitionerfrom Humans of InfoSec
Will Bengtson is senior security engineer at Netflix focused on securing the cloud as a member of the security operations and tooling team. He loves tackling hard problems that have high impact from both a success and failure standpoint.





Learn Git Branching
Interested in learning Git? Well you've come to the right place! "Learn Git Branching" is the most visual and interactive way to learn Git on the web; you'll be challenged with exciting levels, given step-by-step demonstrations of powerful features, and maybe even have a bit of fun along the way.

AI Mistakes Bus-Side Ad for Famous CEO, Charges Her With Jaywalking by Tang Ziyi
Cities across China have debuted crime-fighting facial recognition technology to much fanfare over the past year. But some of these jaywalker-busting devices aren’t as impressive as they seem.

Introduction to Optimizers by Algorithmia
If you remember anything from Calculus (not a trivial feat), it might have something to do with optimization. Finding the best numerical solution to a given problem is an important part of many branches in mathematics, and Machine Learning is no exception.

Amazon’s own ‘Machine Learning University’ now available to all developers by Dr.Matt Wood 
Today, I’m excited to share that, for the first time, the same machine learning courses used to train engineers at Amazon are now available to all developers through AWS.

Cache warming: Agility for a stateful service by Deva Jayaraman, Shashi Madappa, Sridhar Enugula, and Ioannis Papapanagiotou
EVCache has been a fundamental part of the Netflix platform (we call it Tier-1), holding Petabytes of data. 

Learn Blockchains by Building One by Daniel van Flymen
You’re here because, like me, you’re psyched about the rise of Cryptocurrencies. And you want to know how Blockchains work—the fundamental technology behind them.



Flood Element is the first scalable, browser based load generation tool — making load testing as easy as functional testing.

The Hundred-Page Machine Learning Book by Andriy Burkov
“All models are wrong, but some are useful.” George Box.  The book is distributed on the “read first, buy later” principle.

Team Guide to Software Testability by Ash Winter and Rob Meaney
Making software testable produces better software. Learn practical insights on how testability can help bring team members together to observe, understand and control customer needs, ensuring fitness and predictability of deliveries.



Integration Testing with Spring - Nested Configurations by everydayunittesting
Let’s dig deeper into configurations for integration tests in Spring.  We’ll start with a nested integration context example.

Improve test case execution time by using TestAppDelegate by Aaina Jain
Unit testing should be as fast as possible and anything that slows it down should be removed.



Facebook accused of striking 'secret deals over user data' from BBC
Emails written by Facebook's chief and his deputies show the firm struck secret deals to give some developers special access to user data while refusing others, according to MPs.

Fitness-tracking apps caught misusing Touch ID to steal money from iPhone users by Graham Cluley
Reddit users have shined a spotlight on an underhand user interface trick used by certain iOS fitness apps to trick iPhone owners into approving unwanted in-app payments with Touch ID.

Kubernetes Updates Patch Critical Privilege Escalation Bug by Ionut Ilascu
A critical vulnerability in Kubernetes open-source system for handling containerized applications can enable an attacker to gain full administrator privileges on Kubernetes compute nodes.

Internal documents suggest Facebook might have exploited Android APIs to collect call and text data without permission by Rose Behar
This March reports broke that Facebook had been gathering call, SMS, and MMS metadata from Android app users for years with questionable levels of consent. Ars Technica suggested that Facebook was exploiting a loophole in Android to harvest call and SMS data without requesting the permission from users. 



Keeping Accessibility in Mind: Cognition, Memory and Attention by Automation and Beyond
Digital accessibility refers to assistive technologies as well as to accessibility of web and mobile applications and electronic documents. Implementing accessibility includes such technical aspects as using proper HTML and supporting a range of browsers and devices.

A Smart City Is an Accessible City by Aimi Hamraie
A new breed of accessibility apps can make life easier for people with disabilities. They can also make it harder.



Quality Assurance Engineer - Columbia, Missouri. US
We are seeking an expert who is experienced in software testing and test automation to help us deliver on our Innovation and Marketing visions.

Quality Assurance Specialist - (Homeoffice / flexibel) - Hildesheim, Niedersachsen. Germany
Arbeite in einem erfahrenen Dev-Team an einer Plattform, die kleineren und mittleren Unternehmen dabei hilft online erfolgreich zu sein. Als unser neuer QA Specialist testest du unsere Software manuell, stellst die Funktionalität aller Features und Funktionen sicher und optimierst kontinuierlich den QA-Prozess - und das aus dem Homeoffice. 

Test Analyst - Skipton, West Yorkshire. UK
We have a fantastic opportunity here at Computershare Loan Services to join our Technology Services division based out of our Skipton offices working as a Test Analyst.



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