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Rethink Your Automation Setup

After spending countless hours working around framework issues, maintaining tests that are more hardcoded than the ten commandments, and investigating test failures that appear only during your absence, you realise something is wrong. UI automation shouldn’t have to be this hard to deal with or maintain.


Ministry of Testing Podcast: Testing, DevOps, and Other Stuff with Katrina Clokie

This month, we talk to Katrina Clokie about her book A Practical Guide to Testing in DevOps, a bit about DevOps culture, and what it means to be a tester in the world of DevOps.


Learn How to Perform Code Review on Your Automation Code

Join us for a hands-on session with automation expert Paul Grizzaffi on Thursday, May 10, 7 pm UK time.  Paul explains why we should do code reviews on our automation, how reviews for automation differ from those for product software, and actual issues found during these reviews.


TestBash Germany Super Early Bird Tickets

Are you looking forward to #OktoberTest happening in Munich in a few months?  We certainly are!  Even better news - our Super Early Bird tickets are still available until the end of May!  You still have time to convince your manager of the money you're saving them by buying your tickets now - especially given the excellent speaker lineup!  


MoT Meetups

Each week we will feature one of our upcoming MoT community Meetups. Find or start a MoT meetup.

Boston - Advanced Topics In Continuous Testing - Tuesday, 15th May

Focusing on Open source Frameworks , digital evangelist Eran Kinsbruner author of the digital quality handbook will map and compare open source frameworks like Espresso, XCUITest, Appium, Selenium, Puppeteer, Protractor, along with growing machine learning/AI tools used by Dev and QA to optimize the DevOps Pipeline and share real-life best practices adopted by our customers.


The Club 

We've picked a few topics of interest from The Club for you to read, contribute and generally get involved with.

Teaching Non-Testers About Testing

I’m the only tester in my department.  I’ve been on a bit of a mission to increase the visibility of what testers do and why I think they should be thinking about testing.  Anyone else have any experience of things like this?


The Book Club: The Checklist Manifesto

Gawande is a surgeon and describes the complex challenges modern medicine faces and how checklists can help us tackle this complexity. I find it well written, really interesting and very relatable - checklists are a useful tool in software development, testing and actually in general - worth knowing about.  Has anybody else read it? What are your experiences and did it influence how you use checklists?


Community Posts

Highlighting a selection of blog posts from the testing community.

A Better Testing Pyramid – Dan Ashby

The Automation Triangle (or pyramid) has continually caused a bit of a stir in the testing world. It has been mislabelled many times to be called a “testing” triangle. It has been abused in many companies by being followed as a “test strategy”. It has been butchered in ways that cause further misunderstandings and has caused many a headache to many different people involved in software for years.


How I Got Rid of Step by Step Test Cases - The Pragmatic Tester

In this blog post I’ll tell you how I got rid of step by step test cases at the company I work for. When I joined Yambay about 18 months ago, the company was following a fairly traditional waterfall style development approach.


Testing Blogs

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Testing Podcasts 

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Testing Chatter

We keep a close eye on our two slack groups - testers.chat and our MoT Slack.  This is what they've been sharing.