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3 Essential Building Blocks of Continuous Testing

Reduce the risk of releasing a bug in your next release. Download this eBook and learn how to align people, processes, and technology to get continuous testing to work for you, our 5 step plan for building your continuous testing foundation and more.


Security in the Wild: Being at the Top of the Food Chain - Renato Rodrigues

In a modern software house, security is a top priority. It is a fast-paced working environment focused on continuous delivery and integration. Keeping up is an endless and demanding challenge for the security team. Issues arise and must be addressed efficiently and in an expedited manner.


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Testers' Island Discs Ep19 - Maaike Brinkhof

We discuss the connections between learning to play an instrument and striving for self-improvement as a tester. We discuss human biases (part of Maaike's upcoming talk at TestBash Manchester), the joy of mob programming, helping teams to uncover unknown unknowns and the benefits of utilising "analog time" to recover from the madness of the world.


Testing Heroes 2018

Who will win Tester of the Year? Nominate your favorite testers today and rally your colleagues to get behind the amazing value they bring to your organization or the entire testing community! Two winners will be awarded a free trip to Vienna, Austria to attend Accelerate 2018!


Early Bird Tickets to TestBash Germany

Our early bird tickets are ending on 31st July.  We have a full day of fascinating talks, from How to Scale Mobile Testing Across Several Teams to Testing in Production: Antipattern or Future? Find out more about our talks and how you can get involved in the community, all while saving money on your TestBash ticket.


MoT Meetups

Each week we will feature one of our upcoming MoT community Meetups. Find or start a MoT meetup

Over the past year, we have discussed what testing is, discovered the wonders of exploratory testing, collaborated on communication and testing requirements and tried out different testing automated and technical techniques. It's been a fantastic year and to finish it off we have a special session for our students in the form of a 'Ask us anything' session.


The Club 

We've picked a few topics of interest from The Club for you to read, contribute and generally get involved with?

What Are Some Examples of Obvious Bugs?

Following Jerry Weinberg and James Bach, I understand that bugs exist between product, user and environment.  Can you help me challenge Weinberg and Bach claim that all bugs are relative? What are some other examples of “obvious” bugs?


Software Testing in Role-Playing Games

So, since I’m a gamer on the testers.chat slack group, I naturally joined #recreationalgaming, our channel for chatting about games of all types.  Unfortunately, many NDAs in the industry make sharing testing techniques difficult, so I wanted to put out a call for any information we can get on testing one of my favorite types of games.


Community Posts

Highlighting a selection of blog posts from the testing community.

Why Have You Stayed in Testing? » Stories from a Software Tester

I get asked this a lot. I’ve been doing some form of testing since the early 1990s and while my initial opportunities were provided by chance, my career was one of choice. Rather than say why I stay in testing, I’ll frame this around some questions and answers that may give some insight of how testing has allowed me to answer certain questions in a career-relevant way.


Think Like a Tester: A Gentle Introduction to Session Hijacking 

We all know that Session Hijacking is bad, and that we should protect ourselves and our applications against it.  But it's difficult to get easy-to-understand information about what it is, and how to test for it.


Testing Blogs

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Testing Chatter

We keep a close eye on our two slack groups - testers.chat and our MoT Slack.  This is what they've been sharing.