Weekly Newsletter: Techniques for Generating and Managing Test Data


SauceCon 2019 - Tickets Now On Sale! 
Join automated testing, Selenium and CI/CD experts from around the world at SauceCon 2019, next April 23-25 in Austin, TX. Early Bird tickets are now on sale, or submit a speaking proposal and we'll cover your conference registration, plus airfare and lodging too!

Techniques for Generating and Managing Test Data by Omose Ogala
Our talks from TestBash San Francisco are now live! We have a few available to all club members, Omose's talk being one of them.  Making test data can be a headache for teams.  Omose discusses techniques that he uses to generate reliable test data within a fraction of a second and hacks that he places into production code to make the application more testable.

Masterclass: Storytelling & Narratology for Software Testers with Marianne Duijst
On Thursday 20th December at 8pm UK time, we have a Masterclass with Marianne.  This Masterclass will help your critical thinking, give you fresh perspective on your daily testing and improve your communication skills. Register and save your space. 

Course: Coding For Non Coders with Jim Holmes 
Jim Holmes has joined forces with the Ministry of Testing to bring you this awesome new course - coding for non-coders!  No prior knowledge needed.  Add more value to your team by learning to understand code.

Hindsight lessons about exploration: Testing documentation – “think outside the dox by Mr.Slavchev
Very often, when I ask my students “How would you test an application?”, I get answer such as “I’d compare the product to the documentation or specification”. My logical follow-up question to that is: what if you don’t have a specification or the product is not built, yet?

30 Days of API Testing – Security by offbeattesting 
Security testing is a huge topic in it’s own right, but the intersection between API and security is an important one to consider. 

How Concepts of Feminism Makes me a Better Tester - Part 1 by Eeva Pursula
This article is based on Eeva Pursula’s talk at the Agile Testing Days. It sums up her realizations on how feminist mindset supports the testers mindset, and how feminist concepts and feminist thinking can help us identify problems in the work environment and fix them to make our teams work better.

In my mind, my body and my soul by christovskia
Has anyone ever mentioned the importance of communication to you?
As testers, communication is our bread and butter, if we can’t communicate then how can we promote a quality culture in our teams? how can we articulate any defects? how can we even exist in teams?

Writing end to end tests with a smile by katjasays
For the year 2018, I had the goal to attend a conference not only as an attendee or volunteer but as a speaker. In this blog post, I wanted to give everybody the chance to get to know what my talk is about. If you haven’t seen it yet: this is your chance to find out what I want to communicate.

Open Source and the New World of Creator Responsibility by Maaret Pyhäjärvi 
As I'm minding my own business, doing some testing and enjoying myself, I get brutally interrupted by an incoming message. Someone somewhere has a problem. With the product I work with. I know that I care a lot, deep down, but the timing of the message is just so inconvenient. Reluctantly I offload from the work I was doing, preparing myself mentally to dig into the intrusion.



EventStorming; Continuous discovery beyond software modelling by Kenny Baas-Schwegler
We see a lot of companies are moving towards a microservice architecture. The big pitfall of microservices architecture is to focus on the technology, how big the microservice needs to be, how many lines of codes, what entities do we put in a microservice, and using rest as the communication between them.

AWS Multi-Account Architecture with Terraform, Yeoman, and Jenkins by David Ramanauskas and Paul Bourdel with Chris Mortensen and Scott Peterson 
This post will show you our approach for implementing an AWS multi-account architecture in a highly automated and sustainable way. Having successfully implemented this approach at Discover, we are confident in its ability to operate at scale.

Top 3 Selenium IDE alternatives to build test automation frameworks by J Valdivia 
In the current era, where applications are becoming more complex due to the varied functionalities to support growing customer demands, it becomes all the more important to have a sophisticated IDE to write tests and automate these types of applications.

Identifying Poor Object Names – And How To Improve Them by Frerich Raabe 
A stable method to address GUI controls is crucial for a maintainable test project. But how does Squish go about generating object names? What makes a good object name? How can you identify poor object names? How can you configure Squish to generate (or reuse) better names?



Episode 377 - Be Wary Of Your Usernames, They Can Be Used To Track You by Security in Five
This podcast talks about password practices to keep your accounts secure but not about the usernames. This episode goes over how you should think about your usernames that you create for accounts and how those can be used to track and socially engineer you.

54: Python 1994 - Paul Everitt by Test & Code
Paul talks about the beginning years of Python.  Talking about Python's beginnings is also talking about the Python community beginnings.  Yes, it's reminiscing, but it's fun.

Episode 379 - This Year Reset All Your Passwords, Start With Retailers You Used by Security in Five
This is the year you start a new trend and be more responsible with your online accounts. This episode talks about how resetting your passwords on all your accounts is a good practice and why you should start with all the retailers you used this year.

231: Nodejs Automation Frameworks with Casey Cantwell from Joe Colantonio
Today we’ll be Test Talking with Casey Cantwell a Senior QA Architect about WebDriver.io Automation. This episode came about after I received an email from Casey who asked “In reading your blog post on “frameworks you need to know article” I was surprised to see a framework based on Node.js didn’t get any love in your article.





The iPhone’s original UI designer on Apple’s greatest flaws by Fast Company
It’s been a decade since the British designer Imran Chaudhri first imagined a user interface that would introduce millions of people to the smartphone. Chaudhri joined Apple in 1995, soon rising to become the design director of the company’s human interfaces group–where he was one member of the six-person team that designed the iPhone.

Meet Viv, the Artificial Intelligence That Will Change the Way You Live by Todd Jaquith
The winds of change are blowing through Silicon Valley—not terribly unusual, granted, considering that something new seems to come out of that part of the world several times a year. But this time, we seem to be witnessing the opening of what promises to be a sea of change in computing.

The Amazing Ways How Mastercard Uses Artificial Intelligence To Stop Fraud And Reduce False Declines by Bernard Marr
Having a card transaction declined at the checkout can be a frustrating and embarrassing occurrence. So much so that it can seriously damage brand loyalty – according to research by Mastercard, a third of us have withdrawn our custom from a retailer due to our cards being refused.



Perspective Cards
You may think your user thinks as you do, but they don’t. Click these cards to discover new perspectives that challenge you to be more inclusive in your work.



A Pinterest Progressive Web App Performance Case Study by Addy Osmani
Pinterest’s new mobile web experience is a Progressive Web App. In this post we’ll cover some of their work to load fast on mobile hardware by keeping JavaScript bundles lean and adopting Service Workers for network resilience.



For Just a Few Lego Bricks More by Fritz
Awhile back I had the chance to get an amazing deal on Lego bricks. Having 4 daughters, my wife and I notice when there’s a chance to give our girls something educational to play with.

Integration Testing with Spring - Configurations by everydayunittesting
In this series, we're taking at Spring and its features supporting testing in general, and specifically integration testing.



Hacker says USPS ignored serious security flaw for over a year by John E Dunn
The US Postal Service (USPS) ignored a security flaw affecting millions of its registered website users for over a year until a researcher took his discovery to prominent blogger Brian Krebs, it has been alleged.

Google, Mozilla working on letting web apps edit files despite warning it could be 'abused in terrible ways' by Nick Heath
A group led by Google and Mozilla is working to make it easy to edit files using browser-based web apps but wants advice on how to guard against the "major" security and privacy risks.

Sennheiser discloses monumental blunder that cripples HTTPS on PCs and Macs by Dan Goodin
Audio device maker Sennheiser has issued a fix for a monumental software blunder that makes it easy for hackers to carry out man-in-the-middle attacks that cryptographically impersonate any big-name website on the Internet.

500M Marriott customers’ data has been hacked–Here’s what we know so far by Cale Guthrie Weissman
This morning Marriott disclosed that its Starwood guest reservation database had been breached by an unauthorized account since as far back as 2014.



2024 Testing by Mindful Tester
This year I wrote some blog posts about legal and certification stuff.  So it would be appropriate to shed some light on accessibility and laws. 

24 Accessibility
24 days of digital accessibility gifts during the season of giving and sharing.

A guide to color accessibility in product design
There’s a lot of talk about accessible design, but have you ever thought about color accessibility?

Read color hex codes - David DeSandro at dotCSS 2018
How does a colorblind designer work with color? Not with his eyes! Instead David relies on reading color hex codes. He shares his process into understanding those six-digit codes and related insights into human vision, computer history, and digital color.



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Lead QA Engineer, Austin, Texas. US
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