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Flux Federation Sponsor Tickets for TestBash New Zealand
We are excited to announce that Flux Federation have signed up as Gold sponsors and have chosen to sponsor 3 people to attend TestBash New Zealand.

TestBash Brighton Talks Are Live!
We record all our TestBash talks and made them available on The Dojo. Some are free to watch and others require Pro Membership. Here are all the TestBash Brighton talks, get stuck in!

TestBash Essentials Talks Available to Watch
The inaugural TestBash Essentials software testing conference took place in Brighton.  The aim of this new conference was to provide an introduction to the world of software testing for those that are newer to testing, and the feedback from our 200+ attendees was that it was just what they needed!

Power Hour - Dive into Browser Developer Tools with Alan Richardson and Viv Richards
Alan and Viv spent an hour answering all of your questions, we even had people joining live on the night.  An incredible amount of information has been shared.  Very useful resource! 

Masterclass Inclusive Collaboration - how our differences can make the differencewith Aaron Hodder
The recording from our recent Masterclass is now available to watch.  We discussed a number of different factors, from mental health to how to collaborate as a diverse team.  Lots of knowledge and experiences shared.  Truly insightful session. 

Best Advice You Have Received as a Tester? by Puspa Niroula
What was your one of the best career advice you have received as a Tester that shaped your testing journey?

Stress Cases, Pt. 1 by Rachel Kibler
Stress cases acknowledge the human element of using our software. Often, we say that something is an “edge case” or a “corner case”, which really ends up meaning that we don’t want to fix it or won’t fix it. That’s fine for some things, but when we consider whether it’s a stress case, as in, a person under stress trying to do something with our software, those “edge cases” transform into real use cases. 

I know Everything by Kristīne Corbus
– Hey, listen to me! I am the trainer/big name/white middle-aged man – I know everything!
– emm… no, you don’t. And neither do I.

Influencing Change by Alan Barr
These days I think about helping others change and progress. I work in a solid trusting organization but humans being humans change is hard. 

The Learning Quadrants: Avoid Burnout and Maximize Knowledge by João Farias 
One of the worst expectations schools create in young folk is that structure and the best path will be handed to them by default.

Abuse Cases – Understanding Motives by Louise Gibbs
Before identifying how a user might misuse an application, we need to understand why a user might misuse the application.



7 Ways To Tidy Up Your Test Code by Angie Jones
Your test code is a mess. You’re not quite sure where anything is anymore. The fragility of it is causing your builds to fail. You’re hesitant to make any changes for fear of breaking something else. 



253: The Life of a Solo Automation Engineer with Chris Kenst by Joe Colantonio
In this episode discover what it takes to become an automation engineer in a startup with Chris Kenst. Chris also shares tips on how to improve your automation skills leveraging education and conferences. 

#17: Contrast is Good for Everybody by Parallel
I talked with two iOS developers who have a lot in common. They're independents who produce series of popular apps. And without really meaning to, they have each earned a reputation for thoughtful accessibility.

Managing And Reporting Exploratory Testing by Testing One on One
There is an approach to testing called Exploratory Testing and it is important to know how to use it, when to use it, how to manage it, what are its strengths and some of its weaknesses and we want to talk about this today.

Episode 493 - Git Repositories Held For Ransom, What Can We Learn From This by Security in Five
The latest ransom attacks are taking over Git repositories and holding source code hostage. This episode goes into the details on how this is happening and how you can protect yourself from it. 

128: Shackled ankles, photo scrapes, and SIM card swaps by Smashing Security
A bad software update causes big headaches for Dutch police, but brings temporary freedom to criminals. SIM swaps are in the news again as fraudsters steal millions. And does your cloud photo storage service have a dirty little secret?

SAP Testing by The Testing Show
For this episode, Matthew Heusser and Michael Larsen welcome Simon Evans to talk about all things SAP, the ways in which it shows up in so many places, and ways that testers can level up and come to grips with this large ecosystem of inter-related systems.

Let the Machines optimize the Machines: Goal-Driven Performance Tuning with Stefano Doni by PurePerformance
Did you know that the JVM has 700+ configuration settings? Did you know that MongoDB performance can be improved by 50% just by tuning the right database and OS nobs? Every thought that slower I/O can actually speed up database transaction times?



Gem minitest_log uses Minitest, adding structured logging, data explication, and verdicts.

Accessibility Reference By Kayce Basques
This page is a comprehensive reference of accessibility features in Chrome DevTools.

Real-Time Cloud Monitoring for Infrastructure, Microservices, Applications



  • TestBash Netherlands - 2 days - Thursday 23rd - Friday 24th May 2019 - Tickets on Sale!
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  • TestBash San Francisco - 2 days - Wednesday 6th - Thursday 7th November 2019 - Super Early Bird Tickets on Sale!



A Gentle Introduction to Git by Kristin Jackvony
For a software tester who has just started writing test automation, using version control software such as Git can seem daunting and confusing.  But being able to pull down the latest code, update it, and submit a pull request is very important for any team project! 

AI Test Challenge by Jeff Nyman
This is not a challenge for testers to test an AI. Although that is a worthy challenge, one I tackled a bit. For right now, I want to propose a challenge for those promoting tools that claim to perform testing, particularly when the claim is that such tooling stands a chance of replacing human testers.

#CodeConfident: Spring PetClinic by Elisabeth Hocke
My last weeks were super busy. As a result, I had to neglect my code-confident challenge and was feeling sad about it. I knew already knew for longer what my next practice project should be about: extending an existing backend feature.

Writing API tests in Python with Tavern by Bas Dijkstra 
So far, most of the blog posts I’ve written that covered specific tools were focused on either Java or C#. Recently, though, I got a request for test automation training for a group of data science engineers, with the explicit requirement to use Python-based tools for the examples and exercises.

Using character recognition for browser automation by Matthew Bretten
I was venting recently to my colleague Chris Johnson about the frustration of working with yet another horrendous website that didn’t have any usable locators and he put to me the idea of “what if we had visual driven automation, where the automation treats the website as a complete black box, like a human user?”.



Test Driven Markup and other tips by Gregory Paciga
Last fall I had the pleasure to see Heydon Pickering speak at the #a11yTO conference in Toronto. He was not only an entertaining speaker but I also learned a ton listening to him. After the conference I got a copy of his book Inclusive Design Patterns and it was, to put it simply, eye opening.

WCAG 2.1 Getting started
This document will help you get up to speed with WCAG 2.1 quickly and avoid common mistakes people make when creating or updating web content. You will find this really helpful if you design, build or create web content.

How do You Test Success Criterion 1.3.5 on Mobile Applications? by Chrissie Henning
How do you test a form field’s purpose on a mobile application? What if you don’t have access to the code, how do you know if the input’s purpose has been properly set? What are some techniques to suggest to clients to fix this?

A/B Testing vs. Multivariate Testing for Design Optimization by Kate Moran
Like A/B testing, multivariate testing is a design optimization method that involves experimenting with live traffic to find the best impact on conversions.



Top Free Security Testing Tools by Joe Colantonio
Security testing is sometimes thought of as being hard to automate or a testing process that lacks tools and resources to help make it easier to learn.  

Stack Overflow says hackers breached production systems by Catalin Cimpanu
Stack Overflow, the internet's largest Q&A site for programming and development-related topics, has disclosed a security breach.

Over 10 million people hit in single Australian data breach: OAIC by Asha Barbaschow
The latest quarterly data breach report from the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) has revealed over 10 million individuals had their information compromised in one single incident. 

Update WhatsApp now: Bug lets snoopers put spyware on your phone with just a call by Liam Tung
WhatsApp has disclosed a serious vulnerability in the messaging app that gives snoops a way to remotely inject Israeli spyware on iPhone and Android devices simply by calling the target.

Microsoft worm warning: Windows users urged to patch now by Graham Cluley
Microsoft is urging computer users to patch their systems now against a critical vulnerability that could be exploited by a fast-moving worm.

Linux Kernel Prior to 5.0.8 Vulnerable to Remote Code Execution by Sergiu Gatlan
Linux machines running distributions powered by kernels prior to 5.0.8 are affected by a race condition vulnerability leading to a use after free, related to net namespace cleanup, exposing vulnerable systems to remote attacks.

Hackers breached 3 US antivirus companies, researchers reveal by Sean Gallagher
In a report published Thursday, researchers at the threat-research company Advanced Intelligence (AdvIntel) revealed that a collective of Russian and English-speaking hackers are actively marketing the spoils of data breaches at three US-based antivirus software vendors.

Google Discloses Bluetooth Flaw in Titan Security Key, Issues Recall by Sergiu Gatlan
Google disclosed a local proximity vulnerability impacting Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Titan Security Keys sold in the U.S. stemming from a "misconfiguration in the Titan Security Keys’ Bluetooth pairing protocols."



Senior Test Engineer - Belfast, UK
CyberSource NI is recruiting for a Senior Test Engineer to join their team. As a Senior Test Engineer within CyberSource you will have a role in shaping, refining and delivering the strategic and operational testing strategy for a defined product set.

Software Tester Engineer - Brighton, UK
As a Software Tester in such a new team, you will play an important role in spear-heading software quality and testing methods. You will be part of agile scrum teams, working with developers and product management, ensuring minimal defects in released software.



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