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Agile Testing Days USA is Coming to Chicago this June!
The conference provides a fun platform to connect & network in the agile community. Equip your team with a mindset to take your projects to the next level. Super early bird pricing available until April 26. 

TestBash Playlists - The Most Popular TestBash Talks of All Time
Why does automation fail? What's modern testing? Why do we need testing? When do you test? A tester had a number 1 hit with Macklemore?! These 12 talks hold the answers and are the most popular TestBash talks that the MoT community can't stop watching!

The Art Of The Bug Report by Anneliese Herbosa 
Testers are storytellers. Coming from a communications background, one of the striking parallels I have made since working in quality assurance and software testing is that an important part of their role is to tell short stories through immediate product feedback.

Featured Company: Wonderproxy
Websites are increasingly localized to optimize revenue: showing different content to different people depending on where they are. Testing this can be a pain, it doesn’t need to be. WonderProxy provides QA teams with access to our global network of proxy servers. Allowing you to see how your website is shown to customers in any of the 86 countries we cover.

I wish testing by Rosie
What do you wish software testing was? We asked on Twitter to get some ideas flowing.  What do you have to add to the list? 

What is penetration testing and how important is penetration or pen testing?by technospartan
Security is major requirement for every application. Now, companies are very much focusing on their product to be more secure specially finance or public sector. Is demand of penetration testing increasing these days.

Standing against #PayToSpeak by The Growing Tester
As part of my progression within testing and learning about data warehousing, I looked for conferences on it, figuring that they exist for testing, so they must for data warehousing too. After some Googling, I found a conference in the UK. Wonderful! I then looked at the list of speakers, and I was disappointed to see that most the speakers were male, and of them, the majority were also white.

That Voodoo That You Do: a #30DaysOfTestingTestability Entry by Michael Larsen
This was a fun experiment in that I did get to do this for a specific feature that was getting a Responsive update. There were a variety of features that hadn't been looked at as thoroughly in recent efforts (even before the responsive updates) so I got to ask this question quite a bit. 



Running Your First Test with Robot Framework and Docker by Adam Hepner
This is the first in a series of 3 articles. When you complete them all, you will have a functional and extensible, albeit basic, test automation solution for web applications. This solution will be prepared for inclusion in a CI/CD Pipeline, as well as for local execution.

Testing React Apps with Selenium by Brianna Frye When I was young, I loved to play browser-based games. Several of them were essentially HTML text adventures — you would navigate by clicking links or images, then the page would reload with the results of whatever action you took.


Evolving Your Automated Test Suite Over Time by Scott Fitzpatrick
In a perfect world, you'd have time to write an automated test for every piece of code that you add to your application. In the real world, that's not feasible. You have to be strategic in selecting what to automate and what not to automate.

Gaining confidence in automated checks by Gareth Waterhouse
As discussed in the previous blog post, we came to understand that the way we were working wasn’t the way we wanted to be, nor was it how we could deliver software safely and confidently to production. 



March Madness by The good, the bad and the buggy
Alex and Bria discuss brackets, basketball, and big data for March Madness. Additionally, they talk to Google Cloud to find out more about how they're partnering with the NCAA to turn decades of data into game-day insights.

Episode 458 - Things To Consider Before Moving To The Cloud by Security in Five
Moving to the cloud is a growing strategy for many businesses. It's important to understand that security is not full guaranteed by the cloud provider there are still responsibilities you need to be aware of. This epsiode goes over some of those.

Bugs..bugs...bugs [Part one] by Testing One-on-One
Bugs are an important part of the work of testers, but for some reason, we tend to take them for granted and don’t invest the proper value and thoughts to them.

246: Chaos Engineering with Tammy Bütow by Joe Colantonio
Do you want to build more resilient software systems? Do you like to break things on purpose? If so, this episode is for you. 

121: Hijacked motel rooms, ASUS PCs, and leaky apps by Smashing Security
An app leaking private conversations and intimate photographs is ignoring requests to fix the problem, hackers poison a security update sent to ASUS PCs, and how to protect your privacy in motel rooms.





Applying agile principles to automation projects | Supreme Agile by David Tzemach
Automation projects can be very challenging, even for the most experienced teams. Each automation project has its own challenges, difficulties, and risks that cannot be forecast at the start of the project. 

Testing Angular with Cypress and Docker by Michael Herman
This post details how to add end-to-end (E2E) tests to an Angular app with Cypress and Docker. We'll look at adding tests to both a new and an existing Angular project as well as incorporating Cypress into your continuous integration flow with Docker.

Scaling Services: Explicit Data Contracts Using Protocol Buffers by Dm03514 
Explicit service data contracts provide safety, uniformity, and self documentation. Explicit contracts remove the need for large classes of validation/decoding tests from an application by outsourcing them to a separate library. 



Chrome DevTools: No Styles by Viv Richards
When it comes to ensuring your web application accessible to all, one of the checks you may wish to carry out is to see how your page is displayed with stylesheets disabled. 

Leveling the Playing Field: We’re all Differently Abled by Joseph Dolson
Accessibility and web accessibility are often highlighted as issues for people with disabilities. This is no surprise, all things considered, given the common definition of accessibility. “Disability” is, however, an almost meaninglessly broad term. 

Websites & accessibility: invest in education by Rian Rietveld
Show a random passerby a website and ask “What do you think?”. Everyone you’ll ask will respond in terms of beautiful or ugly. The majority of people, even clients, will judge a website by its cover. And that’s fine.

Dear Screen Reader Users, Since Web Developers Can’t Automatically Detect If You’re Using A Screen Reader, Why Don’t You Just Hand That Data Over, The Apple Edition by Amanda Rush
There is, however, one new feature for VoiceOver users: a new option called ‘Accessibility Events’ located at Settings > General > Accessibility > VoiceOver > Web. 

Building accessible websites and apps is a moral obligation by Chris Ferdinandi
Yesterday, we recorded a JS Jabber episode (I’m a co-host on the show) with Chris DeMars. (It comes out in a month or two.) . Chris has a strong focus on performance and web accessibility, and at one said something to the effect of: "Building websites that are accessible is your moral obligation as a web developer."

Accessibility Heuristics, V1.4
10 general rules of thumb for accessible design.



Hackers poison Asus software updates,may have infected one million PCsby Graham Cluley
Hundreds of thousands of Asus PCs may have been infected with malware installed by Asus’s own automatic Live Update tool.

Gustuff Android banking trojan targets 125+ banking, IM, and cryptocurrency appsby Catalin Cimpanu
A new Android banking trojan is starting to gain popularity on the cybercriminal underworld. Named Gustuff, the trojan has been around for almost a year, during which time it slowly received updates over updates, becoming a powerhouse in terms of features and targeting capabilities.



What you need to know about colors & accessibility.

Monitor Your Website Performance With Lighthouse as a service.

Link Checker
The Link Checker crawls your website and checks all links and images to detect the ones that are broken. The results are presented in a clearly arranged view.



QA Specialist -  South Jordan, UT. United States
We are seeking an entry level QA Specialist to join our team in April, May or June 2019. This individual will work closely with developers, product managers, and user experience designers to help facilitate high-quality production releases.

Automation Tester - Brighton, UK
A leading digital software company whose development offices are based in Central Brighton are looking to recruit a Tester with good Automation experience to work alongside their existing testers and development team who build, maintain and support a range of digital systems used by millions of users worldwide. This is a brand new Tester role created to help this company automate their Testing and Development processes for all existing and future projects.



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