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PractiTest-Eggplant Seamless Integration [Webinar]
If you are a PractiTest or an Eggplant user, you do not want to miss out on this webinar! Execute functional tests via Eggplant, manage and report on the whole process via PractiTest. Sign up to this webinar to learn more about this exciting new integration.

Grab Your TestBash San Francisco Ticket Now!
That’s right, tickets to our software testing conference, TestBash, in San Francisco are now on sale.  Once again, we have an exciting lineup with a truly diverse range of speakers and topics. There is something for everyone in the software testing community.

Performance Testing of Web Applications with Igor Samokysh
Did you ever abandon a web page that took too much time to load? You are not alone.  At TestBash Germany Igor will present to you a 7-step methodology for doing performance testing of your web application which helped him to do it in a coherent and structured way, erasing a lot of potential pain. 

Global Resources for Mental Health Awareness and Support by Heather
We are a global and truly diverse community I was inspired today by a request for resources from Gem Hill. I thought it would be great if we could all get together to create a list of mental health resources (help and awareness) by region/country.

Risk Based Testing | Part One | Talking About Risks Over Types of Testing by Dan Ashby
In this post, I’m introducing the idea of focusing the conversations about testing on being related to types of risks over the common way of talking about testing in terms of types of testing.

Power Hour - Curious, Stuck or Need Guidance on DevOps or Observability? with Abby Bansger
Abby spent an hour answering as many of the questions as she could in the hour and gave plenty of clear, useful and practical answers.  Lots for you to start implementing!

The Bug is Gone? by offbeattesting
“Now that is weird.”  I stared at my screen and puzzled over the problem. How could this happen?  It had all started with a 500 error due to a missing config. When I checked the config panel, sure enough, the config was missing. 

The Test Snap by Jeff Nyman
Awhile back I talked about a possible test apocalypse and how you might respond to that. In honor of the current film Avengers: Endgame, I started thinking about this topic again. Here I’ll use the well-known “snap” of Thanos as my starting off point, trusting that this makes the article title a little more clear.

Ethical By Design: Principles for Good Technology
Learn the principles you need to consider when designing ethical technology, how to balance the intentions of design and use, and the rules of thumb to prevent ethical missteps. Understand how to break down some of the biggest challenges and explore a new way of thinking for creating purpose-based design.



LocalStack - A fully functional local AWS cloud stack
LocalStack provides an easy-to-use test/mocking framework for developing Cloud applications.  Currently, the focus is primarily on supporting the AWS cloud stack.

anyStub wraps function calls and attempts to find a matching call that has already been made and recorded. 

Moto - Mock AWS Services
Moto is a library that allows your tests to easily mock out AWS Services.

Mimesis is fast and extremely easy to use Python package, which helps generate big volumes of fake data for a variety of purposes in a variety of languages.

Cucumber-mink lets you write Gherkin BDD style end-to-end test and run it inside any browser.



What is GraphQL by Alex McPeak
GraphQL is a query language (that’s what the “QL” stands for) for APIs and a runtime for fulfilling those queries with your existing data. Basically, it is used to load data from a server to a client -- it’s a way to get data from an API into your application.

Democratizing API load tests with code by Paul Bruce
Enabling people who are affected by decisions to be part of the decision-making process is a critical element of democracy. People tend to be more accepting of events when they have some say in the matter.

Best Practices for Shifting Performance Testing Left by Swaathi Kakarla
When following the Agile model for development, work flows from left to right. On the left, there's requirements gathering, design, and development. On the right, meanwhile, there is testing and production. The further right the development cycle moves, the more it costs to fix a bug.



Technical Interview Fixes - April Wensel by Test & Code
Some typical technical interview practices can be harmful and get in the way of hiring great people. April Wensel offers advice to help fix the technical interview process.

Good Performance Engineers Look Behind the Percent Usage Metrics by PurePerformance
Have you ever used USE? Have you ever wondered what differentiates a performance tester from a performance engineer? Want to know how to automate performance engineering into DevOps Pipelines?

Episode 481 - How To Stay Fresh With Your Cybersecurity Knowledge by Security in Five
Cybersecurity is all about knowledge. The real challenge is how to stay in the loop and on top of everything that's going on. This epsiode I talk about ways to keep your skills and knowledge fresh. 

How can I size a physical environment from a cloud elastic instance? by Ask PerfBytes
In this episode, Leandro Melendez, aka Señor Performo, helps me answer the question: How can I size a physical environment from a cloud elastic instance?

Ep 27 Charles Nwatu: Security with Grace by Humans of InfoSec
Charles Nwatu began his security career when he was recruited by the NSA and worked for several years in the federal government at DISA, the Defense Information Systems Agency. He then moved west to focus on technology and start-ups. Charles has held security leadership roles at LinkedIn, Twilio, and Stitchfix.

126: Zombie chickens and fast-food victims by Smashing Security
What's the worst that can happen if you join a Hollywood hard man's Facebook page? What drove a man to hijack a website's name at gunpoint? And can you solve the mystery of the Canadian Hamburglar?

Episode 484 - Microsoft Finally Agrees This Password Practice Is Worthless by Security in Five
Microsoft announced that they are behind ditching a password practice the rest of the security world has been against for 10 years. This episode talks about what that practice is and why it can make your company less secure if you use this practice.





What to Watch Out For When Modeling Your Automation Strategy by Lisa Crispin
In my final installment in this series, I’ll describe some benefits of diverse skill sets and perspectives as you turn your strategy into action.

Jest - Snapshot testing React components with Enzyme
I love using Jest Snapshot testing for it’s simplicity when it comes to updating the unit tests. However, with great power come great responsibilities. One essential aspect of it is that you need to review the snapshots generated really thorough. Otherwise, your unit tests could be recording bugs as snapshots.

'Extremist' Google algorithms concern ex-police chief by Jane Wakefield
A former police chief has called on Google to amend its technology to help stop the spread of terrorist material.  Ex-Met Police assistant commissioner Sir Mark Rowley says it is a disgrace a jailed radical preacher ranks top for search term "British Muslim spokesman".



Audio Description using the Web Speech API by Terrill Thompson
When HTML5 was published, it introduced the <video> and <audio> elements, as well as the <track> element. The latter provides a standard means of synchronizing text with media for a variety of purposes. The HTML5 spec specifically defines five kinds of track: captions, subtitles, chapters, metadata, and descriptions. The latter is particularly interesting, and is the topic of this post.

Six ways to make your site more accessible by Hidde de Vries 
The web is accessible by default, but it doesn’t take a lot to produce inaccessible websites. In this talk, Hidde will show six aspects that can make a difference, to help you build sites that can be used by more people. From hiding content to focus management, these are some ways to get started on improving accessibility.

Embedding Accessibility into the DevOps Process by Dylan Barrell
Calls for accessibility and inclusion are a defining characteristic of current times. Persons with disabilities (PwD), including vision, hearing, cognitive and physical impairments and others, are demanding equal access to virtually all public services and forums they interact with, from transportation to banking and self-service terminals in airports—and increasingly, digital (web and mobile) services.

New Developments in Ongoing Website Accessibility Litigation by Elizabeth J. Rho-Ng, Cathie L. Fields, Sharon J. Ormond
A federal district court in Massachusetts recently ruled against Harvard University in an ongoing lawsuit filed on behalf of disabled individuals challenging the accessibility of online video content on the university’s websites. 

This Open Source Software Could Make Museum Websites More Accessibleby Claire Voon
Earlier this year, dozens of New York City art galleries were hit with lawsuits filed separately by two legally blind plaintiffs. Their common charge: The websites of galleries including Sperone Westwater, Gagosian, and David Zwirner were not readable by people with vision loss, an alleged violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).



Docker Hub hack exposed data of 190,000 users by Catalin Cimpanu
Docker Hub, the official repository for Docker container images, has announced a security breach on late Friday night.  The breach came to light after the company started emailing customers about a security incident that took place a day earlier on April 25.

Users Urged to Update WordPress Plugin After Flaw Disclosed by Lindsey O'Donnell
A vulnerability in a popular WordPress plugin called the WooCommerce Checkout Manager extension is potentially putting more than 60,000 websites at risk, researchers say.

Vulnerable Confluence Servers Get Infected with Ransomware, Trojans by Sergiu Gatlan
A critical Atlassian Confluence Server vulnerability is being remotely exploited by attackers to compromise both Linux and Windows servers, allowing them to drop GandCrab ransomware and the Dofloo (aka AES.DDoS, Mr. Black) Trojan.

So You Want To Be a Pentester? by Jack Halon
It goes without saying that being a Professional Penetration Tester is one of the “sexier” jobs in InfoSec. I mean, let’s be honest here - who wouldn’t want to break into buildings, and hack companies like Elliot from Mr. Robot, or carry out crazy hacks against banks and casinos like in the Oceans Series, all while doing it legally?

Google adds option to auto-delete search and location history data by Catalin Cimpanu
Following a year's worth of privacy scandals and criticism for collecting users' geo-location data, Google announced today plans to roll out a new feature that will let users auto-delete location, browsing, and search history data from their accounts after a certain period of time.

Calling for a Civilian Cyber Corps by George I. Seffers
Some military and civilian experts are calling on the United States to create a civilian cyber corps to help fill the gap in cybersecurity expertise in times of need. Such a corps could enhance state and local emergency response efforts, help protect Defense Department networks and other critical infrastructure or combat social media information warfare campaigns.

The inception bar: a new phishing method by Jim Fisher
Welcome to HSBC, the world’s seventh-largest bank! Of course, the page you’re reading isn’t actually hosted on hsbc.com; it’s hosted on jameshfisher.com. But when you visit this page on Chrome for mobile and scroll a little way, the page is able to display itself as hsbc.com - and worse, the page is able to jail you in this fake browser! 



Verification Test Engineer: Medical Robotics -  Cambridge, UK
An exciting new role for an enthusiastic and detail oriented test engineer looking to move into a more system level test role.  You’ll be designing and documenting detailed test procedures to satisfy complex and safety critical requirements. 

Junior Test Engineer - Bristol, UK
Microserve has some ambitious projects in the pipeline with a number of our world-renowned clients and we are looking to grow our Quality Assurance team, with the addition of an enthusiastic Junior Test Engineer.



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