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Xray - Testing Night SF 19’ – August 13th

Bring your colleagues and claim your crown as the Super Testers of San Francisco! Join Xray for a night of networking, insights to the future of testing and a not-to-be-missed CI/CD Pub Quiz.  SPACE IS LIMITED so invite your testing team today!


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Grow your skills at YOW!

Software experts from around the world are coming to Australia in early December. Join us in Sydney, Brisbane, or Melbourne to network and enjoy talks on topics from Design to Microservices to DevOps and more. Early bird ends 15 August, so don’t wait! 


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  • Eigensheep - A python package that lets you effortlessly run Jupyter Notebook cells on AWS Lambda, with massive parallelism.  
  • Punchcard - A TypeScript project to imagine what the future of software development might look like for the Cloud. 
  • CloudMapper - It helps you analyze your Amazon Web Services (AWS) environments.
  • Puppetry - Codeless End-to-End automation testing.
  • Marker.io - Bug reporting made easy for everyone