Weekly Newsletter: What is Reliability Engineering?


Advanced Testing Methods Using iOS12 & Appium
As the market adopts Apple’s newest devices and iOS12, QA and Dev teams must adjust their test automation to ensure continuous testing across all iOS versions. Perfecto’s Uzi Eilon and Eran Kinsbruner will demonstrate the advanced capabilities of Appium for testing iOS12 on September 26th 11AM ET.

Testing Ask Me Anything - Reliability Engineering with Jordan Brennan
Reliability engineering is one that came from Google a few years ago.  As software engineers moved towards the DevOps culture, so should we as Performance Testers or Performance engineers.  Find out what it all means and ask questions by joining our AMA on 9th October 8pm UK Time.

Testing AI: Supervised Learning by Jason Arbon
People are adding “AI” to everything these days —but the big question is how to test it.  We are already seeing AI products go awry.

My Experience of TestBash: My First Software Testing Conference by Elena Ivan
Last week, I did two things for the first time: baked a cake and went to Ministry of Testing’s TestBash software testing conference. Both of them made me step out of my comfort zone and try out things I hadn’t done before. While the making of the cake was tasty, I am more excited about sharing my experience of TestBash Germany with you.

Cathay Pacific spells its name wrong on side of plane by Martin Belam
Boeing 777-367 was spotted in Hong Kong with missing ‘F’ after flight from China. 

Improve Software Quality with Artificial Intelligence 
Software development is riddled with challenges and many are already developing AI-based solutions for those problems. Testim have gathered the leading experts in AI and ML to bring you the latest innovations in the world of testing. Hear from a panel of top professionals as they discuss software development and AI on Sep 25, 2018 4:00 PM BST

What is Mutation Testing? by The Growing Tester
A year ago I had never heard of mutation testing. Then when looking at the list of presentations for TestBash Utrecht 2018, there was one on mutation testing which caught my eye.

AI Case Studies of Test Approaches adopted by Mark
I’m looking for real life examples of testing Machine Learning solutions, e.g. solutions that adopt random forest decision trees for example.>

Getting Gamification Right: How to Gamify without Gimmicks by Margaret Kelsey
Everyone loves a good game. Heck, even the ancient Egyptians took the occasional break from building pyramids and worshipping cats to enjoy a rousing game of senet. 

A Stage Performance by Anders Dinsen 
I did a talk at TestBash Germany last week that sparked lots of positive response, but also some critique.

Demystifying Machine Learning, Part 5 by Jeff Nyman
In this post, we’ll start to create a very similar neural network but I’ll take a bit more time to explain some of the specifics.

Inside look at modern web browser (part 1) by Mariko Kosaka
In this 4-part blog series, we’ll look inside the Chrome browser from high-level architecture to the specifics of the rendering pipeline. 

Atlassian's Low-Cost way of Testing Product Designs by Jeff Hardison
Atlassian knows a thing or two about collaboration.  So, when Atlassian product manager Trevor Thompson tweeted his appreciation for Freehand, InVision’s “collaborative canvas,” we had to hear more.

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Digital Transformation Requires… Continuous Testing by Wayne Ariola
Accelerating digital transformation is increasingly a top priority for CIOs—and everyone who reports up them. 

Using JMeter's RTE plugin by Andrei Guchin
Companies need to run performance tests on these systems to ensure the stability of the servers and short response times. Mainly, performance tests ensure systems can run all the required processes while returning the correct data, with many users concurrently connected.  To achieve these goals, JMeter’s RTE plugin was created.

The order of things… by Martin Gudmundsson
In a large enterprise, embarking down the road of digitalization and buildup of engineering competence in-house, a lot of concepts are new to the majority of the current employees. One example is Continuous Delivery.



220: VR and AR in Mobile Apps Testing with Bj Aberle by Joe Colantonio
With the ability to experience VR on mobile devices and WebVR on the horizon, the potential for VR to go mainstream is huge.

Episode 51 - More on Hiring by Testing In The Pub
In this episode, we finally continue our chat about hiring. Sorry it’s been so long coming.

Episode 327 - Mini-Series OWASP Top 10 Proactive Security Controls - 10 - Handle All Errors from Security in Five
We have reached the end of the mini-series for the OWASP Top 10 Proactive Security Controls For Developers. The last item talks about handling all your app's errors and exceptions. 

Episode 328 - Ways You Are Failing In Your Security Program  from Security in Five
A majority of businesses fail at the basic cybersecurity components, from patching to network monitoring. This episode goes through way you may be failing in your security program.

#5: In My Heart I Want the Hot Blue hosted by Shelly Brisbin
I let the fall Apple event soak in for a couple of days before rounding up some folks to talk about it. Watches, phones, and new iOS features are all on the bill of fare. And Mikah and David share their Apple addictions.

Episode 329 - Privacy Should Be A Bigger Part Of Your Security Training from Security in Five
Your security program should have security training as part of it. Security awareness training in some industries is required through regulations but overall it's a top best practice to train and make your employees aware of security and their role.

Testing G Suites with MailSniper by Black Hills Information Security
Matt Toussain goes through how Mailsniper can be the penetration tester’s best friend. If you haven’t been using this tool in your tests you might start now! 

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Using design to prevent people from sharing stuff they didn’t read by Giulio Michelon
I know you did it, I did it too. You stumble on some news on a social media, you don’t read the content of the article but just the title, you feel an emotion — fear, anger, sadness — and you decide to share it.

Personas make you stupid by Michelle Gilmore
Understanding customers better than your competitor was once an advantage. It’s now critical to survival.

What is wrong with the SoundCloud App? — a UX case study by Erin Toh
This is a team project. We were tasked with revamping a mobile app and we chose SoundCloud as the topic.

How To Kill Your Tech Industry by Marie Hicks
If the incredible rise of computing is one of the biggest stories of the twentieth century, then the failure of the nation that invented the electronic computer to capitalize on it is undoubtedly one of history's most important cautionary tales.





Hacker News Tools of the Trade
A collection of data from Hacker News, AngelList and Quora, to make the 2015 (and hopefully beyond) version. This list also includes self-hosted as well as hosted services.

Toolkit for Text Generation and Beyond
Texar is an open-source toolkit based on Tensorflow, aiming to support a broad set of machine learning especially text generation tasks, such as machine translation, dialog, summarization, content manipulation, language modeling, and so on. Texar is designed for both researchers and practitioners for fast prototyping and experimentation.

What's New In DevTools (Chrome 70) by Kayce Basques
It's been about 12 weeks since our last update, which was for Chrome 68. We skipped Chrome 69 because we didn't have enough new features or UI changes to warrant a post.  New features and major changes coming to DevTools in Chrome 70 include...

Testers Playground
This website contains various challenges designed to help testers learn as well as challenge their current knowledge and skills.



Hackers can Steal a Tesla Model S in Seconds by Cloning its key fob by Andy Greenberg
Tesla has taken plenty of innovative steps to protect the driving systems of its kitted-out cars against digital attacks. 

The Effectiveness of Publicly Shaming Bad Security by Troy Hunt
Here's how it normally plays out: It all begins when a company pops up online and makes some sort of ludicrous statement related to their security posture, often as part of a discussion on a public social media platform such as Twitter.

Bristol Airport says it did not pay any ransom to recover from cyber attack by Graham Cluley
Officials at Bristol Airport in the UK declined to pay a ransom demand from extortionists who attacked its computer systems late last week.

No. 1 paid utility in Mac App Store steals browser history, sends it to Chinese server by Ben Lovejoy
Adware Doctor, the number one paid utility in the Mac App Store, is secretly logging the browser history of users, and sending it to a server in China.

British Airways Website, Mobile App Breach Compromises 380k by Lindsey O'Donnell
The airline said information like name, address and bank card details like CVC code were compromised.

Npower security breach spills personal details of 5,000 customers - by post by Graeme Burton
Npower has admitted spilling the personal details of around 5,000 customers in a glitch that saw names, addresses and payment details emailed to the wrong account holders.

Tech support scammers leverage “evil cursor” technique to “lock” Chrome by Zeljka Zorz
Tech scammers are constantly coming up with new techniques to make users panic and seek their bogus services. The latest one, documented by Malwarebytes researchers, has been dubbed “evil cursor”.



Rethinking the date picker UI by Jason Ford
We’re trying to design the most usable sign up flow in the world. Putting your date of birth into websites is inconsistent and annoying.

To Make Your Product Accessible, Consider Accessibility at Each Stage of the Design Process by Jessica Ivins
Years ago, I worked with an in-house design team on a complex web application. Shortly before I joined the company, the team released its newly redesigned “drag and drop editor” to customers.  But there was a problem.

Dunkin’ Donuts Gets Burned by ADA Decision by Jesse M. Brody
In a plaintiff-friendly decision, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit sided with a blind man to find that his allegations of website inaccessibility were sufficient to move his Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) suit forward.

Cognitive difficulties: an overlooked aspect of accessible design by Chris Atherton
A chunk of my job involves making sure that the things we design for the web are accessible. I spent a few years helping GOV.UK services take form — when your digital service has to work for literally almost everybody, you take accessibility seriously.

The Importance Of Manual Accessibility Testing by Eric Bailey
Earlier this year, a man drove his car into a lake after following directions from a smartphone app that helps drivers navigate by issuing turn-by-turn directions. Unfortunately, the app’s programming did not include instructions to avoid roads that turn into boat launches.



Dynamically create test cases with Robot Framework by Gregory Testing
In Robot Framework, there isn’t an obvious built-in way to create a list of tests to execute dynamically. I recently faced a case where I wanted to do this, and happily, Bryan Oakley was able to help me through the problem.

Getting Started with Cucumber BDD for Automation Testing by Trong Bui 
Finding an appropriate testing method right from the beginning is one of the key elements of the successful Agile software project.



Quality Assurance Engineer (mobile) (Berlin, Germany)
EyeEm is a photography company that connects over 22 million creators with iconic brands and agencies around the world.

Automation Test Lead (London, or, Leeds, Greater London, or, Yorkshire, UK)
A leading provider of cutting-edge testing and QA solutions is currently looking to increase their test delivery teams to cater for several high profile upcoming projects in both private and public sectors in and around Leeds, or, London.

QA Test Analyst (Burton Upon Trent, Staffordshire, UK)
Do you notice issues that others don’t spot?  Do you question things that other people just accept?
Do you see spelling mistakes or sentences that just don’t makes sense in magazines, books or on web pages?  Then we have a job for you! 



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