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TimeShiftX – Start Time Traveling Today 
TimeShiftX lets you time travel your software to test date and time sensitive functionality and code such as year-end, daylight savings, and billing. Employ instant time travel inside Active Directory & Kerberos without code or system clock changes and removing all pain points.

Testing Ask Me Anything: Whole Team Testing with Lisa Crispin
This Ask Me Anything is happening on Tuesday 9th April at 8pm. In this AMA, Lisa will answer questions about how whole-team testing works in practice. If you’re wondering how in the world you get non-testers interested in doing work they’ve avoided in the past, or interested in newer practices that involve more of the delivery team, please join in with your questions.

Born to Explore!
We're a bit excited. After a bit of prodding from our awesome community, we've launched baby grows and tiny t-shirts for babies and children.  Perfect for all the children in your life.

30 Days of Testability has started! 
Are you taking part in the challenge created by Rob Meaney and Ash Winter? These challenges are a great way to learn about all things Testability.  If you've not joined in already, you still can!

Pre-order your TestBash Brighton Swag After the success of our shop at TestBash Brighton, we've decided to do it again.  So if you're attending and want a hoodie, mug, backpack, cap or a deck of TestSphere cards - you can order them online for pick up at Brighton!  

New Course! Get started in Mobile Testing
New to mobile testing or you want to switch from another industry field to mobile? It can be hard figuring out where to start.  In this course we'll cover all the basics of mobile testing and have even sprinkled in some quick, fun tasks throughout to help you develop new mobile testing use cases to implement at your company.

Principles of software testing by Rosie
Are there any principles for software testing, and if so, what would they be? Can we create our own community sourced principles of software testing? What exists out there on this topic?

Rhubarb, Rhubarb! Does your bias affect your testing? by Kimberley
Biases are not necessarily a bad thing for instance, I have a strong preference to rhubarb based on growing up in New Zealand with my Mum’s patch outback of our house. 

When Do Defects in Software Arise During SDLC? by Testing Guru
Any software product being developed has to go through the testing phase. In this phase, testers detect any kinds of defects present within the software and report it to the developers so that they can fix it.

Observability?! – Where do we go from here? by Alexander Wallrabenstein
The last two years in software development and operations have been characterized by the emerging idea of “observability”. 



Tips for Achieving Continuous Improvement in Software Testing by Greg Sypolt
Success today means embracing continuous improvement, and your software testing process is no exception. Even if you already have a solid software testing operation in place, you should strive to find ways to make it better still.

16 reasons why to use Selenium IDE in 2019 (and 2 why you shouldn’t) by Al Sargent
Have you tried using the new Selenium IDE for your QA test automation?  People seem to like it…Still skeptical? I get it.



It's a Match by The Good, The Bad and The Buggy
Where did the swipe right, swipe left motion come from? Can you automate dating? Can an algorithm help you find your soulmate? Alex and Bria answer all these questions and more.

Teaching Python in Middle School by Test & Code
In today's episode, we talk with Kelly Paredes & Sean Tibor.  They teach Python in a middle school in Florida, and talk about this experience on the podcast "Teaching Python".

242: Front-end Architecture Making a Way for Testing with Fabio Nolasco by Joe Colantonio
There are many things that can disturb the perfect flow of front-end development and testing. However, for some reason, most people are led to believe that, whatever the answer is, it might involve new technology. But what if that was not true? 

Episode 436 - IoT Strikes Again - Google Nest Had A Microphone And Didn't Tell Anyone by Security in Five
IoT Strikes Again! Goolge and their Nest products are in a little bit of hot water recently. Apparently, Google released new functionality for their Nest product that turned on Google Assistant like functionality. The problem was that in no documentation or any release did Google note that the products had a microphone. 

Master Test Plan by Testing One-on-One
Joel and Rob discuss the current meaning of creating a master test plan in the age of Agile and DevOps. "The fact we moved to Agile and that we are working more on the UserStory level should not mean that we do not need to plan our testing".

117: SWATs on a plane by Smashing Security 
Why is Tampa's mayor tweeting about blowing up the airport? Are hackers trying to connect with you via LinkedIn? And has Maria succeeded in her attempt to survive February without Facebook?

Episode 008 - What is Software Testing? by The Evil Tester Show
In this podcast we consider what is software testing, is there a one true definition? And do we care?

Digital Transformation by The Testing Show
Over the past several decades, we have witnessed many changes in the way that we do things. Catalogs are mostly things of the past, as are phone books, a crew of phone operators and a variety of other services that we may often take for granted today.





Powerful Test Automation Practices by Lisa Crispin and Steve Vance
Welcome to our series of articles introducing you to tried-and-true practices and patterns that help teams create valuable automated tests. Your team can apply these basic concepts to build up tests that quickly inform you about the outcomes of the latest changes to your software product, with a reasonable investment of time.

Easy Free Automation Part VII: Load Tests by Kristin Jackvony 
Load testing is a key part of checking the health of your application.  Just because you get a timely response when you make an HTTP request in your test environment doesn't mean that the application will respond appropriately when 100,000 users are making the same request in your production environment. 



Common pitfalls and misunderstandings in accessibility auditing by Jon Gooday
Over the last five years I’ve had the honour of training over 70 accessibility auditors. Everyone has a unique way of approaching auditing, and there’s always a certain amount of personal judgement that will make each auditor unique.

Inclusive Content Strategy: How to Ensure Your Content is Accessible to Everyoneby Deborah Edwards-Onoro
At the February 2019 Accessibility Talks online meetup, AmyJune Hineline, Drupal and WordPress Community Ambassador at Kanopi Studios, spoke about inclusive content strategy, what it means, and how to craft content that is accessible to everyone.

7 Ways to make your Tweets more Accessible by Lindsey
I wrote a tweet thread a while back where I started talking about ways to keep accessibility in mind on the platforms we use such as Twitter. Sometimes we don’t have control over the platforms we use, and the best we can do is ensure our content is accessible.

What You Should Know About Automatic Captions on Video Players by Sofia Enamorado 
The use of automatic captions is on the rise, but is the convenience of them detrimental to your organization?  Most video platforms and LMS systems now offer automatic captions to users as a shortcut to making their videos “accessible.”

Avoid Default Field Validation by Adrian Roselli
HTML5 gives us form field validation for free. The problem is that the default messages browsers provide are not always useful and typically do not work with assistive technology.



Undisclosed number of TurboTax accounts breached by Robert Abel 
Intuit, the company behind tax preparation software TurboTax, said users’ accounts may have been accessed by an unauthorized party.

This Powerful Off-the-Shelf Phone-Hacking Tool Is Spreading by DJ Pangburn
Researchers at internet watchdog Citizen Lab have found that a sophisticated piece of spyware designed to break into most commercially available smartphones is now in use in 45 countries.



Run a free website speed test from multiple locations around the globe using real browsers (IE and Chrome) and at real consumer connection speeds.

Light Theme for Color Blind People 
This is a VSCode color theme for partially color-blind people.



Project Manager Quality Assurance Italy 
Applause is the world's leading crowdtesting company and ensures digital quality for websites, mobile apps and IoT products  – via its managed global community of over 400,000 on-demand testers. 

Lead Test Automation Engineer Berlin, Germany
Working with the Senior Director of QA, you’ll be responsible for delivering QA automation across our internal projects.



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