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Factors: A Reference Guide for Cross-Platform Testing Strategy
As new versions of smartphones and devices continue to flood the market, the permutations of operating systems, browsers and devices that DevOps teams must consider for testing is higher than ever. Download Factors now to help you plan your test lab for 2019 now.

Win a Ticket to TestBash Essentials Brighton
We're running a competition on our LinkedIn Page, offering you the chance to get your hands on a ticket to TestBash Essentials Brighton!  Do you know someone that would benefit from a ticket?  

Testing Ask Me Anything on Testing in Compliance and Regulation with Milan Kuveljic
We've a new Ask Me Anything happening on the 11th December at 8pm UK Time. Vernon Richards will be joined by Milan Kuveljic to discuss testing in a Compliance and Regulation world.  Ask Milan, "How can modern software development tools and processes enable digital banking to be competitive, but without sacrificing security and risk management?", or any other question you might have relating to compliance and regulation. 

The Ultimate Guide to Testing and BDD - Free Download
Behavior Driven Development is hugely helpful, given the right tools and the right process. We explore the value in BDD for your testing strategies, your team, and your organization. Download Your Free Ebook Today!

Mapping Biases to Testing by Maaike Brinkhof
Our TestBash Manchester videos are now live! As always we have one talk along with the 99 second talks available to all members and the rest are available to our pro members. 

Test Automation University: Sneak Peek with Angie Jones
Don’t miss this special session with industry trend-setter Angie Jones, as she unveils her new initiative: Test Automation U – a community-driven education platform focused on increasing test automation success rates. Thursday 29th Nov at 7pm GMT

Testing Ask Me Anything - CI/CD and Delivery Pipelines with Abby Bangser
The video from our latest Ask Me Anything is now live for all of our members to watch or rewatch.  

The power of “what if” testing by Kinga Witko
I may be repeating myself, but today we’ll try to think a little bit about a matter of testing outside the box and companies’ reputation on the market.

Podcast: Talking Mentoring with Melissa Eaden and Martin Hynie
This month the Super Testing Bros caught up Melissa Eaden and Martin Hynie who recently attended TestBash San Francisco 2018. They discuss mentoring in software development and beyond.

RiskStorming Workshop Experience by Uros Stanisic
A considerable part of a software tester’s job includes creating a test strategy. The process of defining a test strategy often sounds intimidating and not straightforward when explained to less experienced colleagues.  Some time ago, an awesome article was published proposing RiskStorming with TestSphere cards as a way to define a test strategy. It sounded fun and was an opportunity for the team to run a workshop.

7 Steps to Create a Test Strategy from Scratch by Cassandra H. Leung
I recently found myself in the situation of having to create a test strategy completely from scratch, for the “imminent” launch of a web app that I’d never actually seen or been involved in before.

The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a First Class Noticer by Simon Knight
Albert Einstein famously asked the question; “How would it feel to ride on a beam of light?” Why don’t you take a moment and just think about that yourself; how would it feel?

Contemporary Quality Engineering by Maverick Tester
The complexity and the distributed nature of our systems today means we are moving towards a network of services instead of an identified product. Instead of only thinking product quality, think  ’emergent quality’.

30 Days of API Testing – Mock, Stub, Fake by Offbeattesting
Today’s challenge is about explaining mocks, stubs and fakes.  I don’t know if I can pull it off. The problem is, different teams will use these words in different ways. 

TestBash San Francisco 2018 by Angela Riggs
I really enjoy writing about the conferences I attend - I think it’s a great way for me to reflect on what I learned, and remember which cultural or technical ideas I want to try out. 

Has anyone found a way to record the UI with headless browsing? from Christopher
We use mostly headless browsing in our Selenium Grids here, and was curious if there is any tools that will work with a headless browser and some how still let you record/render the screens for click through recording support.



Testing Early and Testing Frequently – A Business Critical strategy by Cigniti
Have you come across the phrase ‘Vote Early, Vote Often’? As stated on Wikipedia, this phrase was introduced in the United States around the mid-19th century, specifically, in the context of elections and voting trends.

The State of the New Selenium IDE by Alex McPeak
Selenium IDE is part of the Selenium suite and has been a depreciated record and playback tool, largely because it could only be used in Firefox and had stopped being supported by contributors of the Selenium project.  But don’t call it a comeback — Selenium IDE 2.0 (still to be officially named) is more so a new and improved version of its former self.

4 Properties of Highly Testable Code by Erik Dietrich
Not all code is created equal. It might sound silly and self-evident when put this way, but this is a truth that many unit-testing beginners fail to grasp. You can’t just add unit tests to any piece of code. If it were that easy, there wouldn’t be entire books dedicated to the subject.

Setting Up XCUITest For IOS Continuous Integration by Shashikant Jagtap
So far in the XCUITest 101 series, we have written some XCUITests and explored the XCUITest API. The next step is to run them for continuous testing so that we can get instant feedback on our latest code. The practices of Continuous Integration allow us to schedule and run the test on a regular basis or whenever there is code change. In this post, we will explore how to use XCUITest tests on a continuous integration server

Software Testers – Take Control of Your Time! by Brian Hamilton
Testing takes time, a lot of time. And it’s never enough. Everything can’t be tested all the time or all at once, but what we can do is use our time and energy wisely. Even small tweaks made to test processes can save hours and days in the long run. This post is about highlighting some of the major QA time killers and offering practical ways to avoid, or overcome them. 

How to Create Non-GUI JMeter Tests with JMeter Classes by Maxim Babilo
Apache JMeter™ has two modes of operation: GUI and non-GUI. Typically, the GUI-mode is used to create a script and debug it, and the non-GUI is used for execution. But let's imagine a situation where we don’t have the possibility to use the graphical interface, and the script needs to be created in code. 



53: Seven Databases in Seven Weeks - Luc Perkins by Test & Code
Luc Perkins joins the show to talk about "Seven Databases in Seven Weeks: A guide to modern databases and the NoSQL movement.  We discuss a bit about each database: Redis, Neo4J, CouchDB, MongoDB, HBase, Postgres, and DynamoDB.

Episode 373 -Thinking About Security In These Ways Can Get You Into Big Troubleby Security in Five
Security is a collection of technology, policies, procedures but also it's a state of mind. Thinking about security through a veil of assumption or simplistic approaches can be dangerous. This episode goes through some of the mental pitfalls you should avoid.

Ep 19 Rinki Sethi: Using an Engineer Mindset To Transform Security Culture by Humans of InfoSec
Rinki is an award-winning leader and executive in security innovation with experience leading and developing innovative online security infrastructure for Fortune 500 companies like PG&E, Walmart.com, and eBay as well as other large companies like Intuit Inc. and Palo Alto Networks. In this episode, she dives into how she has driven security culture transformation in her past roles.

#9: I Just Personally Need Folders by Parallel
Shortcuts, not just the Siri ones, have the potential to change the way people use iOS. I talk with a couple of shortcut-makers. The enthusiasm is infectious.

Episode 374 - Credit Card Chip Security Is A Joke by Security in Five
In 2015 the United States rolled out the EMV Chip and Pin security features on credit cards, after dragging feet for 10 years on it. The idea behind it was to reduce fraud. A new study showed it barely made a dent. This episode goes through the EMV failure and some of the reasons why it was dead on arrival.

Episode 375 - We Are Reaching The Peak Season For Online Hacks, How To Protect Yourself by Security in Five
The Holiday Season is upon us and that means an increase of online and overall retail purchases. This episode goes over recommendations and tips to keep your activity safer and more secure.  Be aware, be safe.

Could have sworn I deleted that photo from my phone! by Paul Ducklin
This week: hacking phones at Pwn2Own, the brand new SophosLabs Threat Report, and squeezing Shakespeare into one tweet.





tztail (TimeZoneTAIL) allows you to view logs in the timezone you want. Its tail with timezone.



CSS and Network Performance by Harry Roberts
CSS is critical to rendering a page—a browser will not begin rendering until all CSS has been found, downloaded, and parsed—so it is imperative that we get it onto a user’s device as fast as we possibly can. Any delays on the Critical Path affect our Start Render and leave users looking at a blank screen.

Fast load times from web.dev
When you're building a modern web experience, it's important to measure, optimize, and monitor if you're to get fast and stay fast. 



TheWaiter: Wait for WebElement attribute. To equal, contain a string, with variationsby ImaLittleTester
An attribute of an HTML tag (or WebElement as you might know it from Selenium) stores valuable information about the state of that element.

How to Handle Authentications with Postman? by Scrolltest
Authentication is a process of presenting your credentials like username, password or another secret key to the system and the system to validate your credentials or you. In the API terms Authentication is used to protect the content over web mean only a valid user with valid credentials can access that API endpoint.

Integration Testing With Spring - Dependency Injection by Everyday Unit Testing
I want to take a step back and discuss what Spring and Spring Boot are what are the basics features we get out of the box, and how we can use them for our advantage.



N26 Security 3.0 by Maximilian Weber
Security had a bumpy first few years here at N26. In late 2016, a weakness in our API and mobile apps was exposed. None of our customers were affected because we fixed the underlying issues before the problem was made public.  We took this exposure as a chance for N26 to rethink our security strategy and revamped our InfoSec program.

Internet Vulnerability Takes Down Google by Ameet Naik
On November 12th, 2018, between 1:00 PM and 2:23 PM PST, ThousandEyes noticed issues connecting to G Suite, a critical application for our organization. Reviewing ThousandEyes Endpoint Agent stats, we noticed this was impacting all users at the ThousandEyes office. 

Design for security by Serena Chen
Applying design thinking to security practices can create a better, more secure experience for your users.

Continuous Security with Find-Sec-Bugs by Sławomir Radzymiński
One of the hardest software quality characteristic to cover in automated tests is security. In my Automated testing vs manual testing - security perspective blog I have mentioned that it's almost impossible to rely solely on automation, especially in cases where human factor is involved (phishing, social engineering or plain ignorance).



Finding the Way: screen reader strategies by Abby Kingman
As a sighted person working to improve accessibility on the web, I take lots of inspiration from the many people promoting the idea that empathy is a key element of accessibility. 

A web of anxiety: accessibility for people with anxiety and panic disorders [Part 2]by David Swallow
“Unethical”, “misleading” and “exploitative” are the words used by the Norwegian Consumer Council to describe the use of dark patterns and privacy-intrusive default settings by Facebook, Google and Microsoft. 

Accessibility is Not What You Think by Paul Boag
Accessibility is not just about meeting the needs of the disabled or catering for edge cases. Accessibility impacts everybody.

Keyboard Testing Basics by Robert Jolly
Keyboard testing is one of the most efficient, impactful, and easy tasks that any team member can do to find accessibility issues. Unfortunately, it’s often not done—perhaps because people simply don’t know about this. Ignorance is bliss until it comes back to bite you later on.

The Business Case for Digital Accessibility
This article examines the rationale for organizations to address accessibility. It includes tangible and intangible benefits, and the risks of not addressing accessibility adequately.

Writing text descriptions by Léonie Watson
Really good accessibility takes a strong strategy, thoughtful design, and robust technical implementation, but often it's the small things that make all the difference to the person consuming your content.



Test Automation Engineer/Senior Test Automation Engineer, Linz, Austria
Webroot are seeking a passionate, enthusiastic and talented Developer in Test, to join our fun and innovative team in the historical city of Linz.

Test Analyst, London, UK
Ten10 has offices across the UK in Leeds, London and Brighton. As we continue to grow we want to find and develop the best talent to join our amazing teams and deliver outstanding projects.

Werkstudent Testing (m/w/d),  Munich, Bavaria. Germany
Die Süddeutsche Zeitung Digitale Medien GmbH wächst und sucht Menschen, die mitwachsen: die Ideen haben, die "machen wollen" und auf "Du" mit dem Netz sind. Wie lesen, blättern, klicken, hören wir heute? Welche digitalen Kanäle sind in Zukunft relevant?



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