Selenium WebDriver API Introduction in Java - Richard Bradshaw

Selenium WebDriver API Introduction in Java - Richard Bradshaw

By Richard Bradshaw


As with all tools, new versions are out all the time and this series is in need of an update. An updated text version can be found on Richard's blog.

One of the most popular tools for writing browser automated checks in, is WebDriver. If you are in a web testing context looking to explore how automation can support your testing efforts, then this series is for you. No programming experience? This series has you covered.

In this series of videos, we will get to grips with the basic functionality of WebDriver, using Java. We will start with getting our development environment ready, including installing java and IntelliJ (the IDE used in this series), moving on to how to use IntelliJ, followed by the basics of WebDriver. Throughout this series I will also share with you some good practices for using WebDriver and traps to avoid. Also explaining some basic programming concepts used when creating automated checks using a programming language and WebDriver.

These videos were recorded on windows, however IntelliJ is cross platform, so once you have worked out how to install JAVA and IntelliJ on your operating system, you could follow the videos on WebDriver.


  • Environment
  • IntelliJ
  • Drivers
  • Navigation
  • Interactions
  • Waits
  • Screenshots