Error: ‘Quality’ is Not Defined

Error: ‘Quality’ is Not Defined


Join Georgia as they take us on their quality journey. They'll share how they got their company talking about quality and agreed on a definition. Then they were able to agree on concrete measures for quality and implemented them to get team buy-in.

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Last summer, I became test owner of one of my company's major products. It quickly became clear to me that we didn’t understand the product’s current or desired quality; in fact, there wasn’t even a clear understanding of what "quality" was! This was causing a severe case of bug ping-pong, disgruntled engineers who worried we weren’t fixing problem areas, and time wasted perfecting things that didn’t need to be perfect. Without resolving this, I knew I could not be successful in my new role.

So, my journey began: I needed to characterise what quality meant for our product and communicate the difference between where it was and where we wanted it to be. Ultimately, I needed the team to align on what quality meant for us.

In this masterclass, I will share the challenges and successes of this journey. I will cover how:

  • I started a productive conversation about quality (with the right people!).
  • We reached an agreed definition of quality, despite its ambiguity.
  • We defined concrete measures for quality and implemented these to get team buy-in.

I aim to inspire testers to think about whether their teams really understand what quality means for their products, and to share ideas for how they can improve this.

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