Highly Questionable - Being Interview Ready with Ben Kelly

Highly Questionable - Being Interview Ready with Ben Kelly


No matter what side of the table you’re sitting on, interviewing is a skill.

If you’re hunting for a new job, how do you make sure you get your best self across, no matter what?
How do you answer those curly questions interviewers throw out?
What questions should you be asking them?
How do you make sure that the role is something you want to be spending the majority of your waking hours on?

Ben has spent countless hours interviewing software development candidates and reviewing their CVs. He’ll share some of his experiences and pragmatic tips to help you nail that next job interview. Providing practical answers to the above questions helping both sides of the table.


Practical tips on

  • Preparing for an interview
  • Showing the best of yourself
  • Making sure the job is right for you
  • Talking about money like a grown-up

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