Onboarding testers: Growing your new hire with AJ Larson

Onboarding testers: Growing your new hire with AJ Larson

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Onboarding is a painful process in just about any industry. New employees are subjected to explanations of benefits, piles of paperwork, org chart explanations, the list goes on. Then the new tester walks to their new desk, signs into their new computer. Now what? Far too often, its hours upon hours of reading manuals (when they exist), digging through developer tasks, or having to ask question after question to get up to speed. All of these issues are only exacerbated when the new hire is also new to software testing.

In an industry where the answer to most questions is a well justified “it depends” how do we bring the next generation of QA professionals up to speed effectively and efficiently? We will explore the potential of training materials, pair testing, strengthening the team culture, and above all, how to help our testing disciples know the product almost as well as we do. The smarter our investments in a new employee are, the better the returns we can look forward to.

In this Masterclass you will discover:

  • Strategies to engage new testers.
  • How to adapt to various levels of experience.
  • Exploring how to get the most out of new personnel while enabling them to grow and step up in a big way.

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What You'll Learn

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