Rewrite Vs Refactor with Anand Bagmar

Rewrite Vs Refactor with Anand Bagmar

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Very often we work on a code-base that has been written by others, and some time ago. This code-base could be for the product code or Test Automation code.

As the product life increases, the evolution of the code-base is a natural process. However, there are various catalysts to speed up this evolution process:

  • More features/tests to be added, including increased complexity
  • People writing the code evolve - their learning, skillset
  • Delivery pressure means it is quite possible that correct decisions for implementation may not be taken. In other words, it is possible that short-cuts were taken in the implementation leading to spaghetti code/architecture
  • People move on to different roles, new people join the team with different opinions, perspectives and experiences.

We're sure there are more reasons you can think of.  Anand shares various examples and experiences of being in such situations. Highlighting the factors he considered when deciding if he should refactor or rewrite the code-under-consideration.

In this Masterclass you will discover:

  • Tips to identify if there indeed is a problem with the existing code
  • Differences in rewrite Vs refactor
  • Factors to consider if you should rewrite or refactor

What You'll Learn

  • TBA