Saved by Antifragile by Sami Söderblom

Saved by Antifragile by Sami Söderblom

"Antifragile" is a philosophy developed by world-renowned risk analyst and scholar Nassim Nicholas Taleb. According to it antifragile systems not only withstand volatility, randomness, disorder and stressors, but rather improve from them. One example used is the ancient Greek monster Hydra, who after losing a head grew two back. Many think that modern equivalents can be found from Agile, DevOps and Lean Startup approaches.

In this presentation we dig into how antifragile models have been deployed into TeliaSonera Finland, one of the biggest companies of our small nation. Everything revolves around "tribes" who make progress in their respective fields of interest; some are immersed in legacy environments, waterfalls and something as trivial as communication challenges while some have gotten the privilege to progress initiatives such as IoT, cloud platforms and healthcare solutions using more contemporary work methods. Wonderful things can be seen everywhere as the tribes weave relationships and ultimately form a cell structure that through networked learning improves from change, chaos and even adversities, and for its part realizes the antifragile ideal.

Come to see what has been achieved after 18 months of work, and discuss about the results.


  • Learn how to form, maintain and grow tribal knowledge networks.
  • Learn how to mature from order to chaos (yes, you read it right ;) using Antifragile models.
  • Learn how centrally governed enterprise shifts towards federated organization model, and saves itself by doing so.

About Sami

Sami is one of Finland's leading experts in context-driven quality practices. He has over twelve years of history from a variety of testing and quality leadership positions in nearly twenty different business domains. He's a colorful blogger, award winning author of industry publications and a co-founder of Software Testing Finland, a local context-driven testing community. He regularly shares experiences from his domain of expertise in domestic and international events.

What You'll Learn

  • TBA