Succeed As a New Manager

Succeed As a New Manager


Becoming a manager of an engineering team is a daunting task. Most of us love to write code and as we get better, we are asked to start managing teams.  

My journey has been a little bit different. I came into team management by choice. In this masterclass, I will share some of the mistakes I have made as a mid-level manager and provide some tools for overcoming problems. Balancing personal learning as well as growing a team are difficult tasks expected from a new manager. I will be sharing my journey as I learnt to navigate through this extremely rewarding role in my professional life with multiple anecdotes to help everyone on this arduous ask.

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Learn to execution through people and not self
  • Make people management easier
  • How to create a team vision
  • How to hire and build the right team
  • Gain the reward of psychological safety in your team

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