Testing Below the Application with Ash Winter

Testing Below the Application with Ash Winter

How often have you found a problem with your application which is directly related to the infrastructure it is deployed upon? How often have you found a problem and not known? Testing is beginning to reach new depths. In my experience, saying that infrastructure needed to be tested used to trigger disbelieving looks in Ops teams faces, but less so now. The lines between infrastructure and code are blurring, so lets update our skills and outlook accordingly.

During the masterclass, I'll demonstrate:

  • What I mean by infrastructure and why it is important to apply a testing mindset to this area
  • Questions to determine what to test, how to organise those thoughts and techniques that might be applied
  • A selection of tools to both explore and programatically check your infrastructure pre-deployment

About Ash

Ash Winter is a continuously learning tester with a penchant for getting involved in all aspects of developing people, products and organisations. His career spans consultancy, veteran of various engagements encompassing testing, performance engineering and automation, being a team member delivering mobile apps and web services or a leader of teams and change. He also coaches, blogs and speaks at tech meetups, across many disciplines. Quite busy but always has time for a question, usually answered with another question.

What You'll Learn

  • TBA