Testing Your Requirements with Cucumber, BDD and Example Mapping with Matt Wynne

Testing Your Requirements with Cucumber, BDD and Example Mapping with Matt Wynne

Lots of organisations talk about "shifting testing left" but what does that look like in practice? In this session, expert Cucumber coach and trainer Matt Wynne will explain how to get testers involved earlier in the delivery cycle using a Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD) approach. You'll learn the impact that has on the team, and learn about a concrete practice - Example Mapping - that any team can employ to break down requirements and catch defects before they make it into the code.


  • What BDD is, and why it can benefit you
  • How to organise your team to get the most benefit from Cucumber & BDD
  • How to use Example Mapping to test requirements is important to apply a testing mindset to this area

About Matt

Matt started programming in BASIC on the BBC Micro when he was about 11 years old, and has been programming for a living since the late nineties. He’s the lead developer on Cucumber-Ruby, the open source tool for running executable specifications that help bridge the communication gap between business stakeholders, testers and developers. He’s co-author of The Cucumber Book with Aslak Hellesøy, and Cucumber Recipes with Ian Dees and Aslak Hellesøy, and The Cucumber for Java Book with Seb Rose and Aslak Hellesøy.

Matt's a co-founder and now CEO of Cucumber Limited, the company that now supports the popular family of open-source tools through training and consulting to teams learning to use Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD) and other advanced agile practices.

He lives on the west coast of Scotland with his wife, two boys, two cats and a few chickens.

What You'll Learn

  • TBA