The Lone Tester with Jess Ingrassellino

The Lone Tester with Jess Ingrassellino

Survive and thrive as the only tester in a small to mid-sized company!

Many testers are working alone in small and mid-sized companies. Sometime this can feel frustrating and overwhelming, sometimes highly rewarding and freeing. In this masterclass, Jessica Ingrassellino will share her experiences as the lone manual and automated tester in several mid-sized startups. Jessica will discuss the pros and cons of working as the lone tester, and share strategies about managing multiple teams and departments, including organisational and team tactics. Attendees will be able to ask Jessica questions about her experiences and for her advice about their own situations.


  1. How the lone tester's challenges can be rewarding learning/career growth opportunities.
  2. Strategies from fields outside test/software development that lend themselves well to working with people from different backgrounds.
  3. Strategies to involve developers and even sales/marketing in test to help lighten your load.

About Jess:

Dr. Jess Ingrassellino is the Lead QA/Software Engineer in Test at Bitly. She has worked at several startups in lead positions performing exploratory manual testing as well as creating automated frameworks to aid her testing process, and delivers tech talks at many conferences about these testing experiences. Jess is active in the Python Education community as the co-chair of the Pycon Education Summit and as the Founder of Teach Code, a non-profit devoted to helping underserved communities implement code classes as a part of the regular school day. Prior to her career in testing, Jessica was a music teacher for ten years, and currently teaches music for fun on the weekends.

What You'll Learn

  • TBA