This is a case study of how the Mobile Platform teams test automation has evolved over the last 5 years. From rounds of manual regression testing then onto automated UI testing now to isolated code level tests and what’s next for the team.

I’ll go into what worked for the team and what didn’t and how we overcome the problems we faced.

This talk will also detail what we plan to do for the future of testing within the Mobile Platform team.

Key takeaways:

  • Testing: What has and hasn’t worked with our testing from manual to automated testing and everything in between
  • Pairing: How we collaboratively pair tester and developers to write code level tests
  • Team structure: How our teams are organised and why
  • Risk Vs Value: How we balance the risk of not testing Vs value of testing it
  • Feedback: What new feedback mechanisms we are looking at to understand the quality of our products and feeding this back into development