The Evil Tester's Guide To Evil - Alan Richardson

The Evil Tester's Guide To Evil - Alan Richardson


“Have you ever heard someone say that “System Testing is a necessary evil”? Well, what they don’t tell you is that “Evil Testing is a necessary system”.

And will THEY ever tell you that? No!

Why? Because THEY don’t want you to know.

Only I will tell you. Because I want you to grow.

I want you to be the best tester you can possibly be. Why should you settle for being a good little tester? You can be better than that. You can experience the freedom and possibility for growth that comes from adopting lessons from the Evil Tester System of Evil Testing.

Too often people think they are advancing by following a well trodden standard path. It seems like the right path. Everyone else is walking it. I walked it too.

And I want you to explore the other path. The left hand path. The path that THEY are too scared to walk.

Yes, the information I’ll give you comes with danger. Be aware. These lessons do not offer an easy route to testing conformity. Instead they offer you the chance to build your own system.

I’ve spent years reading and studying forbidden texts. All so that you don’t have to. And now, I am prepared to share some basic precepts derived from those studies, illustrating how I have used them to change my testing, and how you can use them to change too.

Likely precepts include:

  • No-one is born evil
  • Benefits of a bad attitude
  • As Simple As Sin
  • Now, Now, Now – when to favour instant gratification
  • Nothing is True, Everything is permitted
  • One road to heaven, a thousand roads to hell
  • Deceive, but be wary of self-deception
  • What did you expect? The door wasn’t locked.