IT is often considered as a technical science or engineering. Traditionally testers are techies who focus on analysing requirements and turning them into a series of test cases. Some also analyse product risks and write (master) test plans. The focus is often on technical and analytical skills. But excellent testing requires a lot more! Testing is also about attitude, skills, communication, behaviour, collaboration and systems thinking.This talk gives insight into why testing is a social science.

It gives some examples of what a tester can take away from social sciences. For example anthropology teaches us about how people live and interact. Didacticism helps us to acquire or modify knowledge, behaviours and skills. Sociology teaches us empirical investigation and critical analysis while providing insight into human social activity. Psychology is the study of the mind and helps testers to understand individuals and groups. What is the influence of social sciences in testing? What can we learn from them? Let me share my experiences with you in the ‘What Testers can Learn from Social Sciences’ talk.