Most people think of testing and managing performance as difficult, time consuming and expensive (at best). In fact, even I used to think the same way. But over the past few years I’ve come to realize that it doesn’t need to be any of these things. Of course, there is a trade-off. To deliver reliable application performance, consistently, efficiently and without the expense you might be imagining, everyone needs to be involved. Performance needs to be considered as part of every story. Performance needs to be tested at unit, component, integration, acceptance, regression and production levels. But testing alone isn’t enough, the magic that makes this approach really valuable lies in the trends of the test results data.

Intrigued? During this session, I will share with you the basics of my T4APM™ approach to Performant application delivery. I’ll give you everything you need to get started along the way – with no purchase required. I’ll share stories, examples and case studies from actual projects and clients. I’ll even bait you with the promise of support tools, currently under development, that will serve to make the entire process even easier. If you are interested in helping your company or team advance to the next generation of delivering application performance, this is a session you won’t want to miss.